This fashionable celebrity just gave you the perfect work from home outfit inspiration

Celebrities: they are just like us? Ehh not really except in a way the coronavirus pandemic has become a level playing field for celebrities and civilians.

Many of them are being forced to work from home too (and they are really brushing up on their voiceover skills) as production on television and film projects has been halted or slowed down. They also have to wear masks when they are in public making the paparazzi’s job a bit harder.

However, many of them are still bringing their fashion game to just a run to the drug store or a casual lunch out in the city and one of the celebrities doing that is Katie Holmes.

In the last few years, ardent New Yorker Katie Holmes has really stepped up her fashion game with some fantastic casual ensembles and the pandemic has not slowed her down. One of her most recent outfits was actually the perfect inspiration for those of us working from home who want to be comfortable but also may have to jump on a call with our colleagues or boss at any second.

The Dawson’s Creek alum wore luscious cream-colored jogger sweatpants from Mango and a white t-shirt (that’s the home part of the outfit) and paired it with a plaid double-breasted blazer from Frame (the work part.) Essentially she wore the outfit equivalent of a mullet. All of this means clothing can influence how you think. Plus. this look is totally unisex. Refinery 29 writer Eliza Huber even went as far to declare Holmes “the master of WFH fashion.”

This is a lesson in work from home style. She is comfortable which allows her to be productive but the blazer gives her that edge that makes her feel put together and ambitious. A 2015 study that looked at the impact of formal clothing on cognitive performance found that wearing more formal clothing was associated with higher action identification levels and gave the subjects a global processing advantage. More formal clothing also made the person feel more powerful.

And adding a more formal aspect to your outfit even if you don’t have a meeting or don’t leave the house, it can make you feel better. Dr. Jennifer Dragonette, PsyD, Executive Director, Northern California at Newport Institute, told PureWow on the subject of people who work in their pajamas all day, “Just as it is ideal to have a designated workspace, it is also important not to let work pervade all of your home life,” she says. “Changing into and out of clothing for your workday can help to set a psychological marker between private time and work time.”

Clothing, like a designated work area, can act as a boundary for work-life balance. Of course, the difference here is Holmes wore her outfit out on the town and not at home but the theory behind it still works. So take a cue from Holmes and try a mix of high and low dressing.