That low carb diet may not be as good for you as you think

Weight loss experts have been in a bitter wrangle with carbs for some time. Because carbohydrates are converted into sugar so easily, they objectively slacken the process of burning fat. But a healthy diet does not live and die by how quickly it makes you thin out.

There are plenty of other factors that determine the merits of any given regiment-a detailed study published by the journal Lancet, offers a grim confirmation.

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A call for a balanced diet

Wholly cutting out food groups is dangerous enough if you’re not careful about supplanting the important vitamins and nutrients with the right foods.  The study reports that those that derived less than 40% of their calorie intake from carbohydrates were more likely to die early.

The authors tracked half a million subjects and observed their diets (15,400 U.S adults and 432,000 adults from various countries around the world.) The data concluded a strong link between diets that have restrictive carb precursors to high mortality rates.

This, when coupled with previous studies, indicates low carb diets to trigger over-eating habits, social withdrawal and to generally deprive subscribers of essential nutrients.

Lead researcher, Sara Seidelmann, M.D., Ph.D, at Brigham and Women’s hospital suggests a diet of whole grains, legumes, nuts and vegetables on the topic of longevity. There are numerous benefits with The Mediterranean diet (which falls neatly into Seidelmann’s dietary recommendation).

It should also be noted that that Lancet’s study also warned about leaning on carbs for calorie intake in excess. Subjects that got more than 70% of their calories from carbohydrates were just as likely to kick the bucket as those that got far too few.

A lot of studies on the ever-updating dietary do’s and don’ts are by their nature sensational. Lanet’s study is not labeling the Keito diet a death sentence, nor it is saying carbs are magical immortality hacks. The study is one of many, that urges us to consider a balanced diet.

Diets that implement weight loss by means of eradicating entire foods groups tend to be otherwise unhealthy and provisional.

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