Thank the Teachers in Your Life

How has a teacher or mentor influenced your career?


We are in a week-long national celebration known as Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s the perfect time to take a moment to personally thank the teachers in your life – whether you met them in the classroom or at the office – who’ve inspired you or helped advance your career.

Last fall, I shared a story with The Grindstone about a teacher and mentor who truly influenced my career, Dr. Helen Rothberg:

Helen (as she encouraged her students to call her) was an amazing teacher. She taught the higher-level business classes [at Marist College], including the senior “capping” course, Business Strategy & Management, which encapsulated the principles taught throughout the past four years. …

During my senior year, Helen invited me to work for her, which I immediately accepted. In addition to being a professor, she was a business consultant in strategic management, competitive intelligence, and intellectual capital management. … The pinnacle of my education with her was reached when Helen invited me to join her in New York City for the two-day offsite she held with the agency’s CEOs and parent company. I learned the subtlety of influencing others without telling them what to do, and that sometimes it’s best to plant a seed and have your colleagues reach the conclusion on their own. I learned that the workday doesn’t necessarily stop when you turn off your laptop and go out to dinner with the team. After that offsite, I knew I had chosen the right career path, and I’ll never be able to thank Helen enough for pushing me to be a better, more confident professional.

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How has a teacher or mentor influenced your career? What words of wisdom have stuck with you?