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Dream Jobs

The ultimate summer job: Travel the world and get paid to do it

If you've ever dreamt of traveling the world and exploring new places, now might be your best chance to cross off a few destinations on your bucket list. WOW Air is looking for a travel guide to cover as many of its 38 destinations as you can over the summer.

Office Life

5 ways to feel like you’re on vacation while sitting at your desk

Just because you no longer have sand in between your toes doesn't mean that positive vacation mindset has to be over.  There are ways to preserve that attitude. Here are a few tips that make even your desk feel like you are back on the beach.


Use these 7 tips to squeeze some fitness into your next business trip

Fitness gurus share how you can put a jump in your step with a little bit of effort the next time you’re on a business trip.


6 tips for staying calm the next time you fly in the wake of the Southwest Airlines flight

The recent news of the Southwest Airlines flight that was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday may make even the calmest flier a bit anxious for their next flight. However, not flying isn't really a choice for many of us. In 2016, U.S. travelers took 458.9 million domestic business trips and this is expected to reach 478.2 million by 2020. But there are certain things you can do to calm your nerves (even if it is only slightly) that you may want to keep in mind for your next trip.

Remote work

How to stay engaged in company culture when you work remotely

Even working in your pajamas on your couch can have its downsides.


How to create some personal time during a busy work trip

A business trip does not have to be all about business to be successful. Finding a little "vacation time" within an assigned work trip is achievable if you learn how to balance the needs of your employer with your goal of personal downtime.


6 work opportunities that can surprisingly hurt your career

Maintaining a forward path is easier if you’re able to recognize opportunities that, despite some advantages, are ultimately a step backward in your career.

Business travel

5 hacks this 26-year-old CEO uses to survive traveling all the time

Take it from someone on a plane half her month.


4 hacks for your next business flight

Flying on a plane for business travel can be a hassle. Here's how to make that adventure less stressful, so that you can focus on what really matters.


Survey: 41% of employees feel “shamed” for taking vacation

Do you ever get nervous before asking your employer for permission to use your vacation days? You're not alone.


These are the cities where you will spend your money the fastest

Do you live in one of the world's most expensive cities? If not, it's something to consider if you are looking to relocate, work abroad or just take a vacation.


6 essential tips for keeping track of time while you travel

When traveling for work, you may be off your regular clock, but there is still a clock. Here's how to pay attention to it when you travel.


6 things you should do when traveling for a job interview

You scored the interview! Now you just have to take a plane, train or a car to get there. Here are six things to do when you have to travel for a job interview.

Business travel

Hoping for a smooth flight on your next business trip? Your seatmate’s nationality may determine that

When you first sit down on a flight for a business trip or any trip you usually can tell in the first few minutes if you have a good seatmate or not. Here are the best travel companions.


8 lessons you’ll learn if you quit your job to travel

Eight digital nomads share what they learned from quitting their jobs to travel the globe — and how it might be a possibility for you, too.


5 ways to get over your jet lag as you return to work

Before you hop on that transcontinental business flight, take these steps to ease your transition through time zones. Here's how to fight jet lag.

Office Life

VIDEO: Here’s how you could spend more than 2 months of the year traveling

Brad Stuart is a travel expert and host of his own travel show, True Travels with Brad. In 2017 alone, Brad will have spent 88 days outside of the United States in 15 countries. So, how does he do it? Ladders asked Brad how we can all travel more — and how travel can affect you personally and in your work life.

Business Travel

Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelers

"The left foot reached over and opened a window."

Technology at Work

Amazon patents a robot to stalk you at the airport

It knows exactly where you're standing.


Business travelers, rejoice: You can stretch out in your own row on this airline

Welcome to airline sprawl. Ain't it grand?

The Whole Human

3 brilliant ways to be your ‘vacation self’ in the office

You are your best self away from the office. Here's how to be that way in the office too.


Tiny airport ‘therapy horses’ should revolutionize business travel

Tiny horses in the airport as stress therapy? Guess we're flying to Cincinnati.


Everything business travelers need to know about the new laptop ban

All the facts you need if you're going to travel overseas for work.