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Survey: This is the ‘most fun’ city in the country

Vegas tops the list, but there's a bit of a surprise at the bottom – How can anywhere in Hawaii honestly be considered not fun?

Work-Life Balance

A life lesson from 30,000 feet

"Why am I following orders to fly out West? Why am I going to a conference for an industry I do not desire to stay in? Why do I take meeting after meeting?" Why am I addicted to “yes, I will?”


6 way to make the red-eye flight tolerable

If you’re rocking the red-eye, you may be worried about having a bummer of a time on that plane. But it doesn’t have to be tortuous.


Why it’s ok to be the cliché tourist

Some scoff at tourists posting the same photos or not having the authentic experience, but there’s nothing wrong with being a cliché tourist.


6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too long

"One of the biggest reasons not to take a two-week vacation is returning with a ton of stress because there is too much on your plate.


Survey: 16% of people have made ‘a business connection’ on a flight

Over half of airline flyers say they have talked to strangers on a plane, while 16% have made a business connection and 14% made a long-lasting friend.


The Top 10 travel destinations, according to Millennials

Nothing gives you FOMO more than scrolling through envy-inducing travel photos on Instagram. But the ‘gram also has some positive potential when it comes to travel: It’s a great tool to help you plan your next vacation and pick the perfect destination. And Earth, a millennial-focused travel media platform, recently released their list of the top 10 travel destinations for millennials.


6 things you should never wear on an airplane

Planning your super-cute airplane outfit to kick off your vacation on a fashionable note? Make sure to keep these no-nos in mind.


Survey: This is the single worst thing you can do on a flight

A new survey reveals what travelers think are the most annoying things and worst airplane etiquette people observe on a flight.

How To

6 jobs that prepare you for side hustle success

By the time the workday is over, you don’t have much time left. Plus, you're tired. It’s hard to summon the energy to invest in your side hustle.


How to fall asleep on a plane once and for all

This is how you do it according to a sleep expert.

Personal Finance

A financial expert shares how to save (and budget) for a vacation

We got a chance to speak with millennial finance expert Stefanie O’Connell, who shared tips to keep at the top of our minds for a cost-effective and enjoyable vacation. 


6 great college football (and foodie) towns to visit this fall

We’ve helped tackle the question of where to go to catch a great college football game and score great restaurants and sites while in the destination.

Mental Health

How to plan a Jobbymoon: Recharge between major career moves

A jobbymoon, similar to a honeymoon or babymoon, is a trip taken after another momentous occasion in life — a career change.


This Austrian city was just named the world’s most liveable city

If you’ve been thinking about abandoning your urban dwelling for greener pastures (and a better quality of life), it’s time to pack those bags and head for Central Europe.

How To

Staying productive when you travel or are away from the office

If you’ve always wanted to take your gig on the road or try your chops at the sole proprietor life, consider adopting these secrets for staying productive, focused — and of course, adventurous.


7 leisure activities of super-successful people

It is no coincidence that these people just happen to be successful too. Hobbies can be very beneficial to one's career.


7 fall getaways you will want to go on immediately

Yes, summer is coming to an end but that doesn't mean it is the end of your amazing travels.


The 5 best places to travel in September

End of summer got you down? Packing away swimsuits and flip-flops is never fun, but we have just the thing to boost the mood — a September travel getaway.


How to prioritize self-care when you’re traveling on business

It's crucial to make time for yourself — because if you don't prioritize self-care between business meetings and networking dinners, no one else will.

Dream Job

You could get paid to drink gin and travel the world with a friend

Do you like gin? Want to get paid to drink it?

Office Life

Balancing fun and work during the dog days of summer

As we inch ever closer to Labor Day, there seems to be a slow-burn panic to have as much fun as possible while we still can. But is there a way?

Dream Job

Get paid to hang out with a bunch of cute cats on a Greek island

Move over, “Mamma Mia” — we’ve found a new Greek island dream. There’s a group on the tiny island of Syros looking for a cat caretaker.

Office Life

How digital nomads adjusted when going back to office life

How do they do it? Can it be done? Here, former digital nomads share how they readjusted to office life once they unpacked their bags … for good.


5 countries where you can retire on the cheap

If you’re planning your future, check out these countries where you can stretch out your hard-earned dollars and retire on the cheap.