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Why you should wear a high collar in your office this fall

Get ready to see some high collars in your office. High Elizabethan-type collars were all over the spring 2019 New York Fashion Week runways including Versace, Gucci and Chanel.


5 brands that will fix all your work wardrobe dilemmas for fall

There are a number of new lines (some that don't even have brick and mortar locations) that have incredible, quality-made options for the office.


Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

Within moments of meeting people, you decide all sorts of things about them, from status to intelligence to promiscuity.


6 things you should never wear on an airplane

Planning your super-cute airplane outfit to kick off your vacation on a fashionable note? Make sure to keep these no-nos in mind.


Working for a company vs. working for yourself

There are major perks and downsides to both.


Your hairstyle can sabotage your success at work

People's associations with a hairstyle being professional (or not) are likely linked to stereotypes around gender and race.


Ways to build your career confidence in a month

There are plenty of ways to supercharge your confidence and assurance with these helpful strategies from career experts.

Office Culture

People in this industry spend the most money on work clothes

Certain industries require people to dress differently, but which industries have employees shelling out some major money on work attire?


7 leisure activities of super-successful people

It is no coincidence that these people just happen to be successful too. Hobbies can be very beneficial to one's career.


The worst dressed people in your office tend to have this name

The survey found that 30% were influenced by another coworker's style.

Morning Routine

Brooklyn Decker’s app completely simplified her morning routine

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe?

Work Fashion

Does your work wardrobe accentuate your positive?

Yep, I’m still stuck on talking about how to dress for success. Why? Because I’ve seen so many people get this OH SO WRONG!

Work Fashion

8 work backpacks for adults that are cooler than your dad’s

What once was considered just for school-aged kiddos or for nerds are now a mainstream must-have for every professional’s wardrobe: backpacks.

Work Fashion

Your plan to be the on-the-job fab starts with planning your look

Here’s the deal. If you want to stand out in what you do, I firmly believe you have to put a bit of self-care into your look as well.


Marie Kondo just released a set of boxes to help bring joy to your life

Marie Kondo is coming for you and this time she has boxes. You may have been the one out of all your friends and coworkers to not drink the Kondo kool-aid and throw out all of your non joy-invoking possessions, but there is no turning back now because now she is producing products as part of her lifestyle empire

Work Fashion

Too hot, too cold? What to wear to work when the weather is insane

From sweaty subway commutes to drafty air-conditioned cubicles, weird weather patterns can make it tough to look put-together and still feel comfortable.

Work fashion

Can you truly bring your authentic fashion self to work?

At some point — about five years ago maybe — the phrase “bring your authentic self to work” became the working world’s hottest new fashion catchphrase.


6 ways to be comfy-cozy on a plane without feeling like a complete slob

Here are five tips for being comfy-cozy on a plane, even on your most travel-worn day, that don’t leave you looking like a total slob.


This startup will never let you use the ‘I forgot my gym clothes’ excuse again

This has definitely happened to you. You are all set to go to the gym after work only to find that you forgot your workout clothes or sneakers. Or you have bottoms, but no top. Or you didn't pack clothes for your business trip but ended up with a lot of downtime that could be spent doing a fun class or hitting the hotel gym. Well, guess you'll just sit in a corner and twiddle your thumbs then (and probably gain weight while you're at it, according to a recent survey by Hilton Hotels on business travel.) Cue Routinely. 


Summer problems: What to wear to a job interview in hot weather

Just because the weather is a hot mess on the day of your job interview doesn't mean you can be. ...And so begins the trouble of figuring out what to wear when interviewing in the middle of summer.


5 tips for answering the trickiest job interview question

We’ve compiled a list of five expert strategies to help you successfully answer this question so you can get back to perfecting your resume and picking out a killer interview outfit.

Work Fashion

The 6 clothing items every professional woman should own, according to stylists

If you’re trying to build a versatile work wardrobe, certain garments and accessories will give you flexibility and polish.

Personal Branding

Men’s grooming for beginners: Why you should pay more attention to your sideburns and stubble

Even if you can’t take time during your day for a quick shave, you probably should spend a few moments thinking about your own grooming game.


4 secrets every carry-on traveler swears by

It’s all about a little of strategic thinking, planning and charm! No matter if you are rushing to an airplane to sign the business deal or just want a spontaneous weekend getaway. These 4 secrets are what every successful fashionista swears by. Trust us on this one!

Work Fashion

15 office clothing choices you should never make in the summer

Even though we live in an increasingly casual world where yoga clothes or post-yoga class or you walked by a yoga studio and thought about it but frozen yogurt instead clothes are the norm for everyday wear there are still a few lines you cannot cross in offices. Now, yes, many office environments like startups have literally what seems like zero rules when it comes to attire and in the summer, boundaries are especially pushed because of the higher temperatures which some people view as an excuse to wear ANYTHING.