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6 Steps to Negotiating Compensation

Use this 6 step guide to negotiate a compensation package after receiving an offer.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Research Is Key to Success

To be in a position of strength, do your homework and know your market value.

The limbo of underemployment

To some it means working a part-time job when they’d prefer to be full-time or being an "involuntary part-time worker.

Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Follow Up When You’ve Heard Nothing

Get clarity on a potential job offer by making sure the next move is up to you.

How to Negotiate for a Severance Package

Negotiating a severance package is one of the most sensitive elements in a salary negotiation.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Correcting a Discrepancy on an Offer

This week's question — The compensation package the recruiter and I agreed to verbally does not match the actual written contract I received as an offer.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Monetizing Without ”Dollar-izing”

How to talk money at an interview with a nonprofit.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Torn Between Two (Possible) Offers

How do I balance an offer in hand with a potentially more interesting one that I am still interviewing for?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Executing the “Lockdown Maneuver”

What is the best way to continue negotiating from an existing offer if it doesn't meet my minimum requirements?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Quantify Value to Get the Best Offer

If I know a position pays significantly less than my desired salary, should I interview anyway with the hope they'll increase the salary base?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Your Competitive Market Value

This week's question — Do I sound desperate if I say I'm willing to take a pay cut?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Disclosure Sabotage

Did I ruin my chances by disclosing my past salary?

Salary Negotiation Tips: How Much Are Benefits Actually Worth?

Q: How much are benefits actually worth?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Turning Bonus into Salary

Editor's note: Salary expert Jack Chapman and Ladders want to help you negotiate the best deal you can.

Salary negotiation tips: Playing it straight

Did I ruin my chances by disclosing my past salary?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Going for the Max

This week's question — Will stretching an employer's offer to the maximum hurt me in the long run?

Salary negotiation tips: Making the right decision on your bottom-line number

Apply these 6 criteria to help you decide when the best alternative to a negotiated agreement isn't good enough.

What Does Your Salary Mean?

The value of work is more than just a dollar figure.

5 Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential

Increasing your worth in the job market means having a strategy, experts say.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Honor Thy Wealth and Prosperity

If you're not at least a little embarrassed by the size of your first proposal for compensation, you're not negotiating right.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of Thy Salary in Vain

When you survey the salary landscape, seek the highest common ground.


Salary Negotiation Tips: Thou Shalt Not Worry about Earthly Economy

So you're not negotiating with an economy, you are talking to a human being who's trying to get ahead in his/her own career. If you can do the job, you deserve to be compensated. Ask for what you deserve.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Know How Much Money You’re Worth

Ask yourself, ''What range would the company have to pay to find someone like me?

Salary Negotiation Tips: Thou Shalt Not Agree

Saying ''OK'' or ''yes'' to the first salary offer can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Should You Tell One Company You’re Accepting Another Offer?

Make sure you'll be welcome if you wind up back on their doorstep.