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8 Steps to Leverage Social Networks

The following eight steps helped job seeker 'Paul' put his online social networking into its proper place.

Video Resumes in the Job-Search Toolbox

Here’s how one company takes a multimedia approach to personal branding.

How to Reapply After a Rejection

Don’t give up!

Lying on Your Resume: How Far to Stretch the Truth

The risk is high for job seekers who try to slip fake master’s degrees, phony salaries and exaggerated titles into their resume and job interview.

Trade Up to an Executive Summary

Employers already know your goal is to get a job, so ditch the objective statement and instead write a summary that compels them to read on.

Resume Advice: Who to Ask

When do you need a recruiter, career coach or professional resume writer and how to choose?

5 Ways to Network in the Real World

Build a stronger online network by grounding those connections in face-to-face encounters.

In Through the Side Door

If you're not scoring many interviews by applying for jobs and forwarding your resume to HR, try more creative means to get the hiring manager's attention.

Making Friends and Finding Free Resume Advice

How to approach recruiters, HR pros and resume experts for advice without being a pest.

Cover Letters

Creating Effective Cover Letters

Do cover letters matter?

Facing 50 questions for every job interview

Michigan job seeker Connie Corwin grew tired of being stumped on interviews, so she made her own prep list of questions and answers for every eventuality.

How to Find and Borrow Resume Samples

If you need to tailor your resume to fit your field, it can be helpful to look at what others in your line of work have done.

New Resume Polishes a ‘Diamond in the Rough’

Software Project Manager Afzal Baradi's resume was boxed in by long descriptions that said nothing about his accomplishments.

Color Me Hired

Use a signature color to build your personal brand.

How I Spent My Unemployment

Here are six ways to show recruiters that you’ve made productive use of that period between jobs.

Candidate Forgiveness

At current rates of unemployment, being without a job bears less stigma.

Can Credit Score Affect Employment?

Will Bad Credit Hurt Your Job Chances?

How Tough Times Open Doors

At current rates of unemployment, being without a job bears less stigma.

Tips for Industry Switchers

Committed to a change?

Working Long Distance with Recruiters

Recruiters regularly work across geographies.

How to Select a Resume Writer

Questions you should ask and qualifications you should seek in a professional resume writer.

How to Explain Employment Gaps, Sabbaticals and Negatives on Your Resume

Here’s how to avoid putting a negative spin on your work glitches and how to stop hiring managers from wondering what you really did with your time.

Can Recruiters Find YOU? 5 Online Methods to Borrow

Veteran recruiter Joe Turner describes online routes to the short list when professional talent scouts are looking for candidates.

Searching While Employed: Play It Safe

Making a job switch requires balancing ambition and savvy.

My Cover Letter Was Out of Shape

A Denver job seeker hits the gym to get in shape for a job search, then tones up his resume and cover letter.