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This is the exact amount of exercise you need to keep your brain in good shape

Must I go to spin class everyday or can I do a lazy treadmill run some days? Well, luckily we now have the answer to the amount of exercise we need to keep our brain health thanks to new research. 


Study: The higher up your building, the more productive your company is likely to be

Making it to the top of your career might mean literally making it to the top of your office building. There's new evidence that more productive offices are located higher up.

Food at Work

Happy National Donut Day! Here is where to get some freebies today

As for where to get some free donuts today, here is a list of stores offering you some treats. 


5 ways to power up your work breakfast

Here are just some of the most effective ways to turn any breakfast into a power meal.

Office Life

Don’t let ghosts of work mistakes haunt your career success

Everyone has work skeletons in their closets. Slip-ups include losing accounts, lying to your boss, and making severe errors that you think will follow you around for the rest of your job life. Career pros offer tips on how to release the work demons and embrace your career success without fear.


How to barely hang on as an introvert in the corporate world

As an introvert, you may think it’s impossible for you to rise to the top of the corporate ladder above the shoutiest of shouters. You may be right. Here’s how to just barely stay afloat as an introvert in the corporate world.

The Whole Human

What have you missed out on because you let fear win? Why is now the right time to change?

When you make a change, you create a vacuum. And when you create a vacuum, something new will come along to fill it. This is law. You can only create something new with space. Change triggers our fear of possible or impending death, so we put it off, and put it off, and put it off.

Office Life

How to look and feel comfortable in the office this summer

Worried that you’re going to look like a hot sweaty mess at the office this summer? Fear not. You can look cool, comfortable and in charge without sacrificing your professional edge.


The #1 reason to set ‘unrealistic’ goals (and it’s not achieving the goal)

If you want to do something at the absolute highest level, and achieve goals, you need to become a polymath — which means you’ve mastered multiple things, not just one.

One comic illustrates emotional labor behind “You should have asked me”

One argument that a husband may lobby back at a wife who wants help with chores is "Well, you should have asked me. I would have helped." A French cartoonist named Emma recently illustrated how this statement deflects responsibility for having to equally plan chores in the first place. 'Yes, women can ask their male partners for help,' her comic into heterosexual relationships invites us to question. 'But why is it too many women's burden to have to always ask men to remember things?'


This is the free online course Bill Gates thinks everyone should take

We know Bill Gates has a stellar list of books for you to read but he is not done making recommendations. In a recent post on his blog he praised historian David Christian, the author of Origin Story, who is also the creator of, Big History, his "favorite course of all time." The course, which Gates has also Tweeted about, essentially fits 13.8 billion years of history into 6 hours. Plus it's free!


Why one-day diversity training like Starbucks did is not enough

Can systemic racism get tackled in a four-hour crash course into diversity? Experts and research on the topic are skeptical.

How to bring creative ideas to life in 4 steps

Even the best business idea in the world will fail if it isn’t executed properly.


Obama on what the Situation Room is like offers advice anyone can use to make hard decisions

During an interview at a recent tech conference in Las Vegas, former President Barack Obama talked about what it was like making hard decisions in the Situation Room.

The Whole Human

Impatience: The pitfall of every ambitious person

Waiting is one of the hardest things in life. But if you take a close look around you, you see many examples of people who waited for the right opportunity.


Shonda Rhimes roundtable: What it really means to be a leader

In this frank roundtable discussion, Shonda Rhimes sits down with Valerie Jarrett, Mieko Kusano, and Chloe Arnold to talk triumphs, mistakes, and the most important decisions of their careers.


This is why you should wear your glasses when you are at work

Of all the stereotypes that have do with accessories, there is perhaps no one more true than associating higher intelligence with people who wear glasses. I mean that's pretty much the entire premise for the Revenge of the Nerds films. But according to a new study, that association actually has some merit to it.

Office Life

No more negative stereotypes: How introverts can increase productivity

Introverts are typically naturally self-motivated, analytical and reasonable, good listeners and as a result, good learners, concentrated, and more dedicated — oh! Are these also what you’re looking for in an ideal employee?

Morning Routine

How a Flywheel instructor crushes her morning routine (without coffee)

It is one thing to get up early, then get on a train or in a car and then go sit for the majority of your day at desk. It is quite another to get up and then grab on a spin bike and inspire a group of tired, overworked people to not only exercise vigorously, but also scream and shout and maybe even dance a little first thing in the morning. But that is what Flywheel instructor Emily Fayette does every day.


Study: If you want to eat right, turn down your loud music

If you want to eat a healthy lunch today in the office, turn down the volume on your music. That death metal blaring in your headphones is going to make snacking on candy more tempting. According to a new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the volume of the music around us can influence our eating choices.

career change

5 tips to help you love your first job

The first job is typically full of unchartered territory and can throw curve balls full of unexpected situations. These situations aren’t something your college courses can prepare you for, but real life will. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your first job.


This is how you can improve your decision making skills

There are no right or wrong decisions. Decisions can be changeable.


Study: People who work from home have more insomnia and back pain

When you work from home, you don't have to worry about your boss lurking over your shoulder, and you don't have to deal with noisy coworkers distracting you. The big downside? When you can work from anywhere, you could always be working. This is the stress that a new report from the International Labour Organization documents.


4 solo trips every professional should take

While vacation with your significant other, your best friends or your family is usually the go-to route, there are many benefits of heading out … all by your bad self.

Work Fashion

How to dress and stand out in the age of ‘business casual’

Even though your company may deem business casual as the office dress code, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow it. If you do decide to overdress your fellow employees, could it help you or hurt you? It all depends on your company’s unique culture — and your mindset.