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Kids hilariously disrupt dad’s video conference call

It was the usual Skype interview...but his kids had other plans.


Daylight Saving Time will make you feel like a cranky infant at work

You're going to be behaving strangely after Daylight Saving Time. Here's how to prepare.


Four science-backed ways to fix your email

Email affects your mood. Why let it make you cranky?


Try this brilliant time-management trick that Google uses

A very simple time-management trick can transform your day, and your job.

Gender at Work

10-year-old girl asks her school for a day off to join the Women’s Strike

This young lady showed some great professional instincts.

The Future of Work

Robots won’t take our jobs, say workers — they’ll take yours instead

Two intellectual heavy-hitters, the former CEO of Microsoft and the former Treasury Secretary, are divided on how dangerous robots will be.


Take a nap! 5 secrets that’ll make you happier and smarter

For many of us, more hours of shut-eye at night just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Is there anything we can do? Yes. Naps. Glorious naps.


5 easy ways to exercise during the workday (and improve your life)

The answer to your afternoon slump is some quick physical exercise.


Science-backed ways to stop procrastinating and be more productive

The simple technique that will make your days flow much easier.


4 easy tricks that will make you productive

You may need to trick yourself, fool yourself, or persuade yourself in order to be productive. Here's how to do it right.


How can you make your weekends more awesome?

The things we frequently choose to reduce stress on weekends are often the least effective. Here's what works better.