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Job Seeker Extends Networking Reach to Australia

Paul Witschey was ready for a change of scenery and fresh career challenges.

Recruiters’ Best Networking Tips

Six ways to be more memorable at networking events and holiday parties from recruiters who have been on the meet-and-greet circuit.

Networking Is Weird for Everyone

You were taught not to talk to strangers as a kid.

Why Men Have Stronger Professional Networks Than Women

Research indicates that the glass ceiling is firm.

Five Steps to Volunteer Your Way to a Job

If you’re not sure where to start, follow this guide to landing a volunteer position as a part of your job-search strategy.

Volunteering Opportunities Pay Off

Can working a job without a paycheck set you up for big bucks?

Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube: Which Tools to Use

Two job seekers tell all.

I Attended a Networking Event. Now What?

The best ways to follow up after the networking event When you attend a networking event, whether a conference, seminar or business-club meeting, your work has just begun.

Can You Facebook Your Way to a New Job?

Done right, online networking will support your offline network, not replace it In the old days, "networking” meant hours calling every contact in your Rolodex; paging through the directories of every professional organization you could join; going to breakfast seminars, lunch-time speaking events, happy hours and board meetings to press the flesh – anything to make real-time, one-on-one contact with someone who might know someone who might be hiring.

You Have More Friends Than You Think

Expand your networking circle with these tips on making friends.

How to Romance Your Next Employer

Job searching is a lot like dating.

Around the Web: Job-Hunting Tools

Social-networking reference materials for your job search.

Mind Your Social Netiquette

Your manners and etiquette matter online in social networks.

Proper Job Search Etiquette Starts During the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, "the holidays” are actually a golden time to look for a job.

After the Meltdown: Is Your Network a Trap?

Solid suggestions for networking in tough times.