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4 ways to stop panicking before giving a major talk

Sometimes you have to give a huge presentation when the thought of sinking through the floor sounds much more appealing. Here's how to avoid panicking make it run more smoothly.


The ‘What do you do?’ meme shows the perils of small talk

"What do you do?" is a phrase that took a new life on Twitter as people reminisced about how the idea of their job description does not always align with strangers' ideas of what they do.

The Whole Human

10 phrases we should always say no matter how crazy our lives become

Sadly, we can’t slow down our world, even though eating alone at our desks makes us less creative. Nevertheless, below are 10 phrases we should always find ourselves saying — no matter how crazy life becomes.

Social Media

Why social media could be your secret weapon to scoring that next job

It’s not common to think that social media and job searching go perfectly hand in hand. In fact, many people keep their accounts private “just in case.” While we agree that you shouldn’t be posting your fourth time doing a shot-ski to Instagram for the world to see, if you’re smart about how you use social media, it could help you score your next job.


This is how to be charming: 5 secrets from research

It’s how others judge you and how you judge others. And, amazingly, we get it wrong almost every time…


How to respectfully quit your job

No one wants to get stuck in a place where there is no upward advancement. So if you’re ready for a change or thinking about making it, you’re not alone. Whether you are experiencing job stress at your current position or looking for a simple job change, be sure to quit gracefully.


Helpful strategies for people who are new to networking

Many people will tell you that you should be networking, and that it’s really important in your career. In reality, forced networking is rarely productive. For networking that is worthwhile, you need to have a direction.


2 words every public speaker should avoid at all costs

When we fall back on the same words during a speech, the audience senses it right away. People start to think, “He’s really doing that a lot. Kind of annoying.” What’s “that”? A distracting tic or habit.

How To

You’re invited! Now what? Dealing with summer soirees

Work, weddings, barbecues and other summer soirees; the invitations seem to come in fast and furious this time of year. So, do you have to attend just because you’re invited? And more than that, do you have to bring a gift or give a speech? And while we’re at it, when can you beg off?


Reading body language at work: 5 mistakes you don’t want to make

No matter what the culture at your workplace, the ability to read nonverbal signals can provide significant advantages for the way you deal with people. You can start to gain those advantages by avoiding these five common mistakes.


Conversation is a skill. Here’s how to be better at it

Why we are often guilty of conversational narcissism — without even realizing it and how to have a fulfilling, meaningful conversation with anyone.

How To

The ultimate guide to crafting your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30- to 60-second statement composed of your job experience, aspirations and what you can do for a company. It’s not easy to distill both your best traits and how you can help a future workplace into a short pitch, which is why it’s important to work on.

Job search

How to ask for a referral, and the template you should use

There are a million ways to mess up when you ask someone for a referral for a job or for someone else — especially if you don't know how well the two people know each other. Here's what to keep in mind.

Office Life

3 people who add instant influence to your network

If you work in a medium- to large-sized organization, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of people to join forces with. Not sure where to start? To maximize your time while expanding your network, start with these three types of people.


5 ways to share a story that won’t make listeners’ eyes glaze over

Do you ramble, ramble and ramble on until you get to the point? How many times have you started telling a story, only to watch a listener or crowd lose interest and start checking their phone intermittently? Here's how to get better at storytelling.


The ‘done is better than perfect’ mindset has carried this career guru to major success

You may not recognize the name Benjamin P. Hardy but if you are a regular Medium reader or have just Googled basic career or life advice in the past few years (and who hasn't done that at least once) then you have definitely stumbled upon his work.


How to find your tribe using these 10 simple steps

Finding your “tribe,” your people, your peeps, the folks with whom you connect, is doable, but not always a simple task. Whatever the case, it is important to surround yourself with powerful and supportive people who encourage you to be your best self.


How to land a meeting with an extremely busy person

Often time, the most challenging part about networking meetings is getting them on the schedule! Here’s how to make it happen.


39 questions to make small talk with anyone

Forego the traditional weather-related questions and delve deeper to find your commonalities and their quirks. These little things are what makes the difference between acquaintances and friends, and you can uncover them with even the littlest bit of conversational finesse.


New study explains why you’re bad at reading people’s faces

Why does it look like your coworkers are always mad at you? If you have trouble interpreting your colleagues' resting neutral face, science now says that the answer may have more to do with your childhood upbringing than your coworkers' facial expressions.

Business travel

How to successfully network while out on the road

Any entrepreneur can share countless travel stories of lonely hotel dining and tasteless room service dinners. Combine that with red-eye flights, missed connections and rental car lines, and business trips become more work than fun. That’s how I, too, felt about work trips until I realized how to incorporate business networking dinners as part of my travels.


These are the 10 best cities in the world for business trips

Global business travel spending is expected to grow from $1.2 trillion in 2015 to $1.6 trillion by 2020. Even as many businesses move day-to-day operations online, there’s no substitute for building new and existing relationships offline, and in-person. As business professionals are deployed around the world, their productivity and expenses, as well as the quality of their experiences, can vary widely from one city to another.


On meeting new people, following up, and being teachable

Here’s a powerful networking truth: Everyone you ever meet matters. No matter when someone crosses your path, you never know when they might come back around.


The key to a good mentor-mentee relationship according to a real estate titan

Early in my career, one of my bosses told me to always find a person that would be able to assistant and mentor me. This was excellent advice, which I have passed on many times over the years. When looking for a mentor, it is important to find someone who is successful, preferably in the business sector in which you wish to pursue or at the very least, whom you greatly respect and admire for his or her success and career trajectory. You can learn so much from a variety of people who have had many different types of experiences.


This infographic explains the Art & Science of Networking

There were probably business cards flying everywhere, and even some people may have seemed to be in a contest to see how many business cards they could hand out without even talking to anyone. Unfortunately, that’s not networking at all, and if that’s how you are doing it you are wasting your time.