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The Whole Human

12 things you can do to feel a little less lonely

We’ve outlined a few suggestions for the times when you feel lonely and like life just isn’t going your way, so you don't feel the need to hop on Facebook.

The Whole Human

Simplify your life with the mental model known as Occam’s razor

As Einstein put it, everything should be made “as simple and as few as possible.” This principle has become known as Occam’s razor.

Office Life

Is it OK to exhibit your superstitions in the workplace?

So, is it okay to exhibit superstitions all the time at work? According to an expert on, it depends on how heavily you rely on them.


How positive psychology can enhance your job search

There’s a new trend in the working world today — people aren’t only looking to change their job, they’re now looking to change their profession.

The Whole Human

Why your mind likes to ask lazy questions

Your brain is lazy by default. It likes to ask suboptimal questions — your mind wants an easy answer, not to uncover breakthrough solutions.

The Whole Human

23 smart ways to increase your confidence, productivity, and income

“Success” isn’t just having lots of money.


8 unrealistic expectations smart people ignore

Believing that you’ll succeed really does make it more likely that you will. It also means that you’ll need to let go of some erroneous expectations.

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This is the life you are missing (here and now)

Life is continually evolving. We spend most of our time transitioning — rather than wasting those moments, embrace their uniqueness.

The Whole Human

Facts don’t change people’s minds. Here’s what does

In the end, it takes courage and determination to see the truth instead of the convenient. But it’s well worth the effort.

The Whole Human

How to stop worrying: 7 powerful secrets from mindfulness

We all worry. At one point or another, almost one-third of people have dealt with a level of anxiety that would qualify as a disorder.

The Whole Human

‘I don’t feel pretty’ … Why aren’t positivity movements working?

Many young girls and women today are prone to having strong bouts of insecurity about their looks and how they are perceived by others. They’re also strongly inclined to deriving a dominant part of their identity and self-worth from their physical appearance.


Here are the 7 rules of success

Taking action is the ONLY way to get the life of your dreams. So shut this tab out and go do what you need to do. Success awaits. Stay Grounded.


Stanford School of Business professor on ways mindfulness can make us sharper in the office

Breathing techniques you can do anywhere to create a moment of mindfulness; the signs of an organization that cares deeply about their employees; and how to choose where to place your limited — and valuable — attention.


How do you change your mindset to be more positive?

How do you harness that inner critic and start seeing your life as one of abundance instead of a life of limitations? Try beginning your day with this 5-minute habit that will restructure your brain and help you build a positive mindset.

Food at work

Is your lunch making you depressed? What you’re eating may be the problem

Are you feeling constantly down at work, unable to shake off that feeling even when you are home? What you are eating could be a factor. We are taught to examine what's going on in our heads when depression hits us. Less attention gets paid to what is going into our guts.


Tony Robbins shares the secrets of his success

“What you get will never make you happy. Who you become, that will make you very happy or very sad.”


How to improve your mindset, build strength, and make a living doing what you love

If you want to get stronger, fitter, and make a living doing what you love — start with your mind first. The rest will follow by itself.

The Whole Human

How mindfulness can transform your hellish commute into an oasis

How we commute to work sets the tone for the rest of our day, but for too many of us, it’s a lousy experience filled with rotten smells, honking cars, and miserable passengers.


Shifting the entrepreneurial mindset: What happened after 365 days of meditation

Once I hit my 365th straight day of doing at least 10 minutes of meditation, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Was it worth it?” This is what happens when you meditate for 10 minutes every day.


How to meditate at work when sitting still is impossible

Sometimes, the thought of sitting quietly and clearing our minds can feel like an impossibility. Here's how to meditate when you can't sit still.


This is how to overcome anger: 5 powerful secrets from mindfulness

Often, anger can tell you what’s important to you. If you listen and learn, you can overcome it and make it work for you.


Three ways to stop creeping burnout

If you go about your day every single day without break or change in your routine, chances are good that burnout is just waiting to creep up on you.


Here’s how to use mindfulness to make better decisions

Psychologists took mindfulness and science-tized it and called it Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT for short. Here's how it can help you.

Science of Work

This is what the most successful people do before bed every night

Before going to bed, there's a nightly ritual that successful business leaders like Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg do to prepare.


This simple, surprising mental trick will improve your life, according to Steve Jobs

This surprising and underutilized approach to your success will set you apart from the pack.