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Top Personality Tests Used in Hiring

The most common psychological exams used by HR managers to review job applications.

Job References: How to Format and Present Them

How do you deliver job references to an executive recruiter or hiring manager?

Resume Tips: What to Bring to a Job Interview

Don’t come empty-handed, but don’t waste interview time with your portfolio.

Interview Tips

Behavioral Interview Tips and Techniques

Have a story for every skill.

How to Handle a Phone Interview

How to interview in different situations ranging from web videoconferences to lunch with an acquaintance and even the dreaded phone interview.

How to Prepare for a Video-Conference Interview

Advice on everything from lighting to time of day for job seekers setting up an interview via Webcam.

How to Interview at a Job Fair

Job fairs are only advantageous if you have a game plan.

The Best Advice for Committee Interviews

Everything from where to sit to who to look at during a panel interview.

Best Practices for the Happy Hour Interview

What to wear, what to drink and when to call it a night.

Lunch Interview Tips

How to choose the restaurant, and order a plate without getting flustered.

What to Remember When a Friend is the Interviewer

Should you be chummy when interviewing with someone you’ve mingled with before – or should you be strictly business?

Interview questions candidates should ask

The questions you ask during an interview often determine whether you get the job.

The First Questions to Ask On the Job

You’ve outgrown new-kid jitters; the first days in a senior position are no time to clam up.

Five Ways to Dodge and Deflect Job interview and Application Questions about Your Age

How to answer age-related questions on a job application or in a job interview.

Dodging the Job Interview Question of Age Again and Again

Brian Haley keeps trying to dodge irrelevant questions about his age as HR managers invent new ways to ask.

‘How Old Are You?’: Readers Tell Job Interview Tales

Readers ask, experts answer age-based interview questions Editors' Note: A story that ran in Ladders' Sept.

When to Bring Up Salary in an Interview

Don’t ruin your perfect "first date" with a potential employer by talking compensation too quickly.

How to Choose Your Job References

How do you pick the directors, coworkers and direct reports to be your job references?

“How are you today?”–The top 7 interview answers

The first words out of your mouth in an interview are to answer this cliché.

Acing a Job Interview After Age 50

You're certainly qualified, but resting on your laurels won't cut it in an interview.

How to Beat Interview Fear

Don't let fear, nerves and stage fright keep you from the job interview you want.

Interview and Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Follow these tips from lawyers to convince a hiring manager to offer you the job (and the salary) you want.

When a Background Check Makes for Tough Interview Questions

Everyone faces curveballs in interviews.

Interview Etiquette: Lessons from a First Date

You’ve heard the analogy: An interview is like going on a first date.

The Essential Summer Job Interview Wardrobe List

The essentials every man and woman needs for the job interview.