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Volunteering Jobs that Pay Off

Can working a job without a paycheck set you up for big bucks?

Resume Helps Contractor Become Full-time Employee

Certified professional resume writer minimizes project-based work and highlights stability and accolades in order to help contractor find full-time work.

5 Networking Lessons I Wish I Learned in High School

My high school reunion was the other week, and one thing surprised me.

Government Resume Gets Hotwired

This Ladders member is used to working literally under the gun in some of the world’s hottest combat zones.

Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube: Which Tools to Use

Two job seekers tell all.

New M.B.A. Gets New Resume

After receiving her master's degree, Roe Polczynski needed help graduating her mid-level resume to an executive-level spotlight.

Offered a Relocation Package? Take it.

When I grew up relocating was a way of life, a way to advance your career.

Send the Resume Solo

Sending your clips, file attachments and portfolios unsolicited with your resume can do more harm than good.

Getting the Job When You’re Overqualified

Whether by choice or financial necessity, a growing number of senior executives are pursuing jobs with reduced salaries and titles.

Can You Facebook Your Way to a New Job?

Done right, online networking will support your offline network, not replace it In the old days, "networking” meant hours calling every contact in your Rolodex; paging through the directories of every professional organization you could join; going to breakfast seminars, lunch-time speaking events, happy hours and board meetings to press the flesh – anything to make real-time, one-on-one contact with someone who might know someone who might be hiring.

I Attended a Networking Event. Now What?

The best ways to follow up after the networking event When you attend a networking event, whether a conference, seminar or business-club meeting, your work has just begun.

Downplaying Short Tenures on a Medical Resume

Lifetime employees are a thing of the past, but multiple short-tenured jobs aren’t exactly what this health-care executive wanted to lead with.

Resume Makeover Sharpens Details for IT Director

When the senior director got laid off after 11 years with his employer, the details of his experience were fuzzy –until a certified resume writer helped him discern fluff from fact.

How to Beat Interview Fear

Don't let fear, nerves and stage fright keep you from the job interview you want.

Know Your Greatest Strengths

Research says those who capitalize on their inherent strengths are more profitable and more productive.

Interview and Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Follow these tips from lawyers to convince a hiring manager to offer you the job (and the salary) you want.

Former White House Communications Manager Gets Help with His Message

Steve Derr knows how to keep secrets.

Is Your Life Story Boring?

Your story needs to be sticky.

Project Manager Wins Contest, Receives New Resume

Senior project manager wins Does My Resume Stink?

After 1,000 Applications, Director Finds Focus

David Goldstein considered everything from flower delivery to a cashier’s spot and sent out hundreds of applications for full-time work.

Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

There are two types of job seekers.

VP Gets Help Maturing a Mid-Level Resume

This vice president of systems engineering knew how to hone technology, but needed help tuning his resume.

Taking a Leap to Land a Finance Job

This FinanceLadder member’s job search was moving slowly – until she gambled a steady paycheck against job satisfaction.

Breaking Resume Rules

Recruiters and hiring professionals share some of the whoppers and doozies job seekers have tried to sneak into resumes over the years.

The First 100 Days in a New Job

You’re not paranoid; the company is watching your every step.