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Returning to Work? How to Handle the Employment Gap

Utilize your volunteer experience to boost your resume and expand your network during the job search.

7 Alumni Networking Don’ts

Avoid these missteps to be sure you are using your alumni network effectively in your job search.


Salary requirements: Expressing your minimum salary requirement

Employers ask about salary requirements in every interview. Learn to express your minimum salary requirement like a professional. Your annual salary requirement is in your hands.

Job Search Lessons Learned From the Politicians [Infographic]

We’re still over a year away from the Presidential election, but we are already seeing commercials and news reports related to a national or local candidate.

How to Choose the Right References for Your Job Search

What every job seeker should do when identifying and prepping job references.

How to Find Your Career Path

Whether you're new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, use these exercises to clarify your job goals.

Getting Your Resume Into the Right Hands

Combine new-age research with old-fashioned correspondence to increase your chances for success in the job search.

Combatting Age Discrimination in the Job Search: Part III of III

The third and final article in a three-part series on conducting a job search later in life.

Combatting Age Discrimination in the Job Search: Part II of III

The second article in a three-part series on conducting a job search later in life.

Combatting Age Discrimination in the Job Search: Part I of III

The first article in a three-part series on conducting a job search later in life.

Is Perspective Killing Your Job Search?

Looking at things from the employer's point of view can give you an edge when looking for employment.

Using the Best Job Keywords for Job Applications Online

Applying for a job online can be a lot like a guessing game.

Double the Number of Recommendations on Your Profile With Style

How to ask for — and get — kudos that will catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Harness the ‘Power of 3’ to Land Your Dream Job

Harness the 'power of three' by using multiple job-search methods to find the most job leads.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Personal Branders

Use these tips to show the world — especially potential employers — your commitment to professional success.

Sell Yourself the Steve Jobs Way

The Apple CEO is a master of marketing.

Back to School, Back to the Job Search

While we recommended ramping up your job-search efforts during the summer months, we know that many of you still took time off to enjoy the beaches and give yourself a break from the stressful job search.

7 Tips for Starting a Second Career

Things you should consider if you're pursuing an encore career later in life.

How to Follow up on Job Applications Without Stalking

Differentiate yourself from the competition by following up on your job applications.

Is It OK to Talk Politics in a Job Interview?

Steer clear of charged topics to avoid this deadly third rail of your job search.

Do You Interview Like a Pro?

Strategies to help you put your best foot forward and seal the deal.

How to Network Without Begging

Learn how to leverage your network during a job search without begging for favors.

10 Tips for Conducting a Long-Distance Job Search

Want to relocate for work?

How to Sell Yourself Without Being Too “Salesy”

Prepare for behavioral interview questions using the STAR Method.

How to Look for a Job Without Your Employer Finding Out

Learn how to keep your job search efforts confidential while still employed.