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Twitter and Your Job Search: How to Filter the Noise

You want to get ‘out there,’ but you’re not interested in an onslaught of annoying messages.

Five Ways to Dodge and Deflect Job interview and Application Questions about Your Age

How to answer age-related questions on a job application or in a job interview.

Resume Recasts Bookkeeper as HR Powerhouse

Debbie Ramirez was ready to trade in her role in finance for a position in human resources.

Dodging the Job Interview Question of Age Again and Again

Brian Haley keeps trying to dodge irrelevant questions about his age as HR managers invent new ways to ask.

‘How Old Are You?’: Readers Tell Job Interview Tales

Readers ask, experts answer age-based interview questions Editors' Note: A story that ran in Ladders' Sept.

Networking Is Weird for Everyone

You were taught not to talk to strangers as a kid.

What Job Seekers Need to Know About Google

Can executive recruiters find you on the Web?

Academic Resume Graduates to Corporate Standards

Career-changing consultant and college professor wins "Does My Resume Stink?

How to Stop Missing Out on Opportunities

It all starts with your imagination.

Resume Tips

Where to Post Your Resume Online

How best can you get your personal advertising campaign in front of the right audience?

How to Choose Your Job References

How do you pick the directors, coworkers and direct reports to be your job references?

Resume Promotes Tech Executive for CTO Job

Richard Russell’s career goals changed, but his resume stayed the same.

Overachieving Manager Puts 110% Into New Resume

OpsLadder member Leshia Evans had her first resume makeover in 20 years.

Why Men Have Stronger Professional Networks Than Women

Research indicates that the glass ceiling is firm.

“How are you today?”–The top 7 interview answers

The first words out of your mouth in an interview are to answer this cliché.

Gender Studies

Thoughts and notes from Ladders’ editor-in-chief on why the glass ceiling is still firmly in place.

VP of Retail Operations Works Both Sides of Network

Elaine Clarke was generous about sharing leads, and her good networking deeds ultimately helped her to help herself.

How to Protect Your Resume from Identity Theft

Get the job without exposing your personal data.

When to Take (Or Ignore) Resume Advice From Friends

Everybody’s a critic, but not all criticism is useful in your job search.

Resume Insecurity

Resumes are a treasure trove of personal information.

Who’s Losing Data?

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse keeps tabs on data breaches and provides some examples of how personal data gets into the hands of bad guys.

Where Companies Leak

Another casualty of the recession is data security, as a growing number of departing employees walk off with their former employers’ data.

Construction Veteran Breaks Resume Rules

To do justice to Tom Emil’s construction career, resume writer Dan Dorotik had to commit a few resume crimes.

Owner/Entrepreneur Remakes Engineering Resume

After starting his own manufacturing business, OpsLadder member Scott Hammac needed a resume that could transfer to the corporate world.

Which Resume Formats Can You Use?

The software that HR departments use to process your resume does not jive with all file types.