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Google is making email live and interactive

What if your email was a living, breathing thing that updated automatically? Google announced that Gmail is moving towards that future.


The Google Chrome extension Memento Mori would like to remind you that death awaits us all

Seize the day, they said. It would be easy, they said. Just kidding. Now, there's an easier way to potentially make sure that work isn't your everything. It's called Memento Mori, a clock without days that counts down on your computer, because as we all know, our time here is limited.


Ex-Google engineer James Damore files class-action suit alleging discrimination against white conservative men

Former Google engineer James Damore filed a class-action lawsuit against Google for discrimination on account of alleged 'perceived conservative political views,' 'their male gender,' or 'their Caucasian race.'

Age Discrimination

Report: Major companies excluding older workers from job ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

If you're above a certain age, you may not be seeing job ads from dozens of the nation's top employers — including Amazon, Verizon, UPS, and Facebook.


Facebook wants to help you find your next job

Facebook is muscling into the online job-search marketplace. Now if only you could keep their bosses from seeing your embarrassing photos, too.


Billionaire CEOs make a pro-immigration pitch to save DACA

Silicon Valley's pro-immigration stance leads that of any other industry.


Now Google searches will nudge you if you’re clinically depressed

Google's new approach is designed to help people find help instead of struggling alone.


Google engineer fired for sexism sends signs of planning a class-action lawsuit

Are more James Damores on the horizon?

Future of Work

2 million job candidates are desperate to work for Google. Why?

How one company became among the most desired.

Technology of Work

Google’s best email idea: make everyone sound friendlier

Be your best self, automatically.

The Whole Human

Could Google predict your next sick day?

Google is tackling sickness with machine learning. But can it make sick days more predictable?


What we know about the big Google Docs phishing attack

A giant, fast-moving phishing scam is sweeping through Google's cloud platform, which is used by many companies, journalists and everyday users.

Gender at Work

Google has an ‘extreme’ gender pay gap, US government says

The Labor Department is going after Silicon Valley for pay discrepancies, and Google is a target.

Future of Work

Google launches new program to boost Black coders

Google makes a big push to get more black coders in the door.

Office Culture

Google employees exposed to pornography sue the company

Pornography has become a controversial issue for employees at giant tech companies.


Try this brilliant time-management trick that Google uses

A very simple time-management trick can transform your day, and your job.