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This is how much avocado toast costs in 10 American cities

If you thought the avocado toast trend was dying down you would be quite wrong. Hand stabbing injuries from cutting avocados AKA "avocado hand" are on the rise and according to a recent study there is actually a scientific reason you are so addicted to this annoyingly Millennial meal.


Shocking study says people eat unhealthy foods in the office

Here's a shocking study. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a lot of the food made available to you in the workplace isn't very healthy. Wait a minute! Donuts aren't as good for you as broccoli? WHAT?


Top 9 meals to eat alone at your desk

From worst to best, here’s a definitive ranking of the top 9 lunches to eat alone at your desk, with suggested pairings of work tasks to complete while crying eating.

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10 phrases we should always say no matter how crazy our lives become

Sadly, we can’t slow down our world, even though eating alone at our desks makes us less creative. Nevertheless, below are 10 phrases we should always find ourselves saying — no matter how crazy life becomes.

Food at Work

Happy National Donut Day! Here is where to get some freebies today

As for where to get some free donuts today, here is a list of stores offering you some treats. 

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Poll: ‘Vegan’ is the least-appealing food word in existence

According to a new poll, there's one word you might want to avoid when setting the office lunch menu or socializing the plate of meat/dairy/everything-free cookies you just brought in: "vegan."

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21 hacks for making a better salad so you can skip those long lines

What if you could make your own salad that was just as good as any store-bought one and would make you the envy of all your coworkers? It takes a little extra prep but financially it is the better move.

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7 superfoods that can improve your concentration

While the scientifically-proven impact of superfoods is still being studied — and you should always speak with a trusted expert before radically changing your diet — it is worth a bite to this brain grub into your diet. Here, experts share their best recommendations.


What horrible thing was reheated in the microwave? An investigation

To fully understand the atrocity committed in the employee break room on Tuesday you must first immerse your senses.

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Is your lunch making you depressed? What you’re eating may be the problem

Are you feeling constantly down at work, unable to shake off that feeling even when you are home? What you are eating could be a factor. We are taught to examine what's going on in our heads when depression hits us. Less attention gets paid to what is going into our guts.

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5 ways to break free from eating the same lunch every day

Here's what to do if you're stuck in a lunch rut, and are tired of eating the same thing pretty much every weekday — whether you bring or buy your office lunch meals.


New study: 4 cups of coffee daily may make you practically immortal

Drink up, live long.


New study: Office fridges are ridiculously dirty and disgusting

We can do better, people.


Science proves why you’re going to eat all the office snacks today and every day

Temptation, thy name is office snacks.

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TV chef Adam Richman knows ways to improve your sad desk lunch

A few condiments can change everything.