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Survey: 45% of employees have seen a colleague get harassed at work

42% of those say they didn't speak up about it and 46% of employees say the didn't report harassment for "fear of retaliation."

Age at Work

5 stereotypes about older workers debunked

We explored some of the views managers held about older workers. Here are five of the most common stereotypes, and how they can be challenged.

Age Discrimination

Workers over 65 are the fastest growing labor force: Here’s how they can combat ageism

While some may view getting older in the workplace as problematic, others insist you can use your age and experience to your advantage. Three different entrepreneurs give their best advice to women over 50 on getting ahead regardless of their age.

Age Discrimination

Lawsuit: Facebook being used to discriminate against older workers

A proposed class action lawsuit aimed at companies allegedly using Facebook for age discrimination has been expanded to identify additional companies, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Age Discrimination

Intel accused of age discrimination after layoffs

At Intel, your age may be the reason why you got the pink slip. According to a Wall Street Journal report citing documents it obtained from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the chip maker is being investigated for age discrimination claims by its former employees.

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Going gray: Will silver hair hurt or help your career?

It is up for debate whether a full head of gray hair is a nod to the longevity of your professional career or a hindrance. The stigma of age is undeniable for women leaders culturally and professionally.


Report: IBM has been discriminating against older employees for years

Looking for a new job? If you're over a certain age, you may not be welcome at IBM.


I’m not 54 years old. I’m 22 with 32 years experience

The time is right to address the inequality of blatant ageism in certain industries.


8 tips for when you fear age bias in the workplace

Organizations send older people they have stereotyped subliminal messages of disapproval that lower their confidence and depletes their self-esteem, creating doubt in their worth. Don't let age bias become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Lawsuit alleges company’s college campus recruiting is ageist

Employers looking for potential hires on college campuses has been a common practice for years and an effective recruitment tactic. However, one group of people is not very happy about it: The 40-and-over working crowd.


What 50-year-olds know that 20-year-olds often don’t

Here are some lessons I’ve learned during my half century on this planet. Life goes by really, really fast, but it's better after 50.


4 ways employers can support workers of all ages

Here's what companies can do to make sure employees of all generations feel engaged, because many workers don't feel that way.

Age Discrimination

Report: Major companies excluding older workers from job ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

If you're above a certain age, you may not be seeing job ads from dozens of the nation's top employers — including Amazon, Verizon, UPS, and Facebook.


Here are two trends plaguing older workers

It’s clear that age plays a huge role in people’s concerns about work as the years tick forward. Here's how age changes older workers' views.


This is how to fight ageism in the workplace

There are ways each of us can work to be more inclusive to older co-workers, and less ageist. Here are reminders to prevent unknowingly alienating people.


Tech workers worry about age discrimination at age 40: Study

Forty-three percent of U.S. tech workers fear losing their position because of age discrimination, with 18% concerned about this “all the time.”


Facebook is facing two age discrimination lawsuits

Two new age discrimination lawsuits are arguing that Facebook is not the inclusive, great place to work it's supposed to be... if you're too old.