This is the surprising thing people say they’d do in a world where they never had to sleep

While science says that getting less than eight hours of sleep at night can ruin your day and that thinking you’re an insomniac could be negatively impacting your productivity and sleep, it turns out that there’s a percentage of Americans who think it’d “be desirable or very desirable to never have to sleep.”

That number is 65%, according to a Sleep Junkie survey, which also found that if no one ever needed to sleep, 26% of Americans would spend that time on “leisure and enjoyment” and 16% would toil away “at a current or additional job.”

The research also found that almost a third — 28.8% — said they’d transform their current bedroom into an office if sleep wasn’t necessary.

More than 1,000 Americans participated in the survey. Here are other findings that stood out.

Americans say they would do this instead of sleeping

While the largest share of participants overall say they’d spend their time having fun if they never needed rest, 16% also say they’d pass the time in the company of their family or significant other, 13% would pick up “new skills or become more knowledgeable,” 10% would spend time on “fitness and exercise,” 9% would hang out with friends, and 8% would engage in “household chores and general upkeep.”

“What we found most interesting is that Americans were as likely to spend their extra time at work as with family or a significant other,” Sleep Junkie said in a statement. “It’s fascinating that people would choose to be at work if they had extra time. Most people assume that work is something people have to do, but wouldn’t necessarily choose to do it. Our findings prove that Americans do enjoy going to work as much as they enjoy other aspects of their lives.”

Here’s what people would convert their bedrooms into

Sleep Junkie’s research found that although just under 30% of people would convert their bedroom into an office if they didn’t ever have to rest, “home gym” was the second most-popular option at 14.8%. It said that 11.4% picked “hobby/crafts room,” 10.5% said “other,” 10% said “relaxation/meditation room,” 9.6% picked “library,” and 7% said “entertainment.”

But whether you’d rather live in a world where you never needed to sleep at all, or you cherish your zzz’s above all else, one thing’s for sure — we could all benefit from more of it: Not getting enough can have extremely damaging effects on your health.