Survey: This is the city with workers who are ‘least happy’ with their supervisors

New research from staffing firm OfficeTeam shows that Boston is the city where workers are the “least happy with their managers.” Additionally, 16% of everyone surveyed classified their supervisor as “incompetent.” But it’s also important to note that overall, 80% of employees surveyed say they’re “happy with their boss.”

In terms of how the survey was carried out, an independent research firm polled more than 2,800 adult office workers “in 28 major U.S. cities.”

The cities where workers like their boss the most:

1) Indianapolis

2) Salt Lake City

3) Chicago (tie)

3) Los Angeles (tie)

3) Miami (tie)

The cities where office workers like their boss the least

1) Boston

2) Washington, D.C. (tie)

2) Phoenix (tie)

3) Cincinnati (tie)

3) Detroit (tie)

Stephanie Naznitsky, executive director of OfficeTeam, commented on the research in a statement:

“An employee’s working relationship with the boss has a significant impact on their job satisfaction and career success. … Professionals are more engaged and productive in their roles when they’re given some autonomy on projects and report to managers they can trust and learn from,” she said.

Here’s what employees think about their managers

People surveyed were able to choose more than one answer — keeping this in mind, here’s what they chose:

  • “A good leader:” 49%
  • “A mentor:” 37%
  • “A friend:” 34%
  • “A micromanager:” 23%
  • “Incompetent:” 16%