Survey: These are the majors that will help you get you a job the fastest

New research from CareerBuilder shows that among companies bringing recent college graduates on board this year, Business is the major that’s “the most in-demand at their firms,” at 35%. Engineering came in second but with quite a gap after business at 22% and then Computer and Information Services nabbed third place at 18%.

But while every company isn’t aiming to employ recent college graduates this year— 80% say they plan to do so— the data shows that there are still a variety of majors and skill areas that are attractive to other employers.

The Harris Poll surveyed 1,012 adult employees who work in HR and hiring in the private sector.

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Here’s the full list of majors that are “the most in-demand” at companies seeking to employ recent grads this year.

  • Business: 35%
  • Engineering: 22%
  • Computer and information sciences: 18%
  • Engineering technologies: 13%
  • Communications technologies: 11%
  • Health professions and related clinical sciences: 11%
  • Math and statistics: 9%
  • Science technologies: 7%
  • Public administration and social services: 6%
  • Mechanic and repair technologies: 6%
  • Construction trades: 6%
  • Communication and journalism: 5%
  • Construction trades: 6%
  • Education: 5%
  • Liberal arts and sciences, general studies and humanities: 5%
  • Transportation and materials moving: 5%

Companies want to hire new grads in these areas

Here are the top five departments where companies seeking to employ 2018 college graduates say they want to hire employees.

  • Business development: 20%
  • Customer service: 26%
  • Finance/accounting: 18%
  • Information technology: 31%
  • Sales: 18%