Survey: These are the top cities where tech employees are moving

New research from Robert Half Technology shows that Dallas is the most popular city where tech employees are moving for work, according to leaders surveyed.

The research also found that 60% of people who hire employees for IT positions say they’re aiming to bring more on board by the end of 2018. The research also found that 81% of IT hiring managers have witnessed an uptick in tech employees relocating “to their cities” because of work.

An independent research firm surveyed “more than 2,600 senior managers in 26 major U.S. markets.” Robert Half Technology came up with the survey itself.

Most tech workers are moving here for work

Here are the top five — click to check out hiring specifics for each location.

1) Dallas

2) Seattle

3) San Francisco

4) Houston

5) Miami

Jeff Weber, executive director of Robert Half Technology, commented on the research in a statement.

“Business needs surrounding security, cloud and digital transformation are outpacing the supply of talent, and technology leaders are facing difficulties staffing open roles,” he said. “Employers should be discerning about what skills are must-haves versus what can be trained for on the job and move quickly with offers when they meet strong candidates.”

These are the main skills that employers are looking for: “cloud security,” “business intelligence,” “cloud computing,” “cloud architecture” and “cybersecurity.”

Cities looking to hire more tech workers

The research showed the main areas employers want to focus on: “security of IT systems” came in first place and “innovation or helping grow the business” came in second place. “Investing in new technologies” and “upgrading existing systems for efficiency” both tied for third place.

Here are the top five cities where employers want to bring more tech employees on board.

1) Miami

2) Detroit

3) Los Angeles

4) Phoenix

5) Charlotte