Survey: Employees want raises more than they want promotions

Recent research from people analytics and employee engagement software company Peakon found that when UK workers were asked to choose what they want for Christmas from office-related features, 34% chose a raise, 28% chose a bonus, and only 8% wanted a promotion.

The research team surveyed 3,000 employees in the UK.

Here’s how other perks stacked up

Money and scaling the corporate ladder aren’t the only things on employees’ minds at the end of the year.

Peakon’s research also found that 15% of UK workers want more yearly leisure time, 8% want a cat or dog in the office, and 4% want a “new line manager.”

Just 3% said they would choose a “better office” as a gift.

Here’s how to treat your employees this holiday season

Here are some other things companies can do to make their employees feel valued.

Make the company’s values clear

Research has found that many high-performing employees in the US and Canada work at places that make the company’s values and goals clear.

So instead of leaving your employees in the dark, and only communicating the company’s mission to senior leaders and executives on the board, be sure to keep everyone in the loop.

It’s a lot easier to push your company’s agenda forward — and figure out how to contribute — when you know what it seeks to accomplish.

Be lenient about workers’ hours

Letting employees occasionally work remotely during the holidays could help curb corporate burnout. Giving them time away from the office could help spark their productivity and creativity, and provide a refreshing reminder of how much they have going for them outside of the office.

Make it clear that their work is paying off

Monster contributing writer Catherine Conlan features advice from organizational consultant Orin C. Davis on the site.

“Highlighting how an employee has made a contribution, not only to the company, but also to the greater good, is one of the most important things a company can do, Davis says. It may take some thought to connect the dots, but helping employees see the connection between what they do and making the world a better place can be powerful,” Conlan writes.

Showing employees that they matter to your company doesn’t always have to come in the form of a physical gift.