Survey: Career growth prioritized over salary

The historically 4% unemployment rate means different things to different workers, depending on whether you’re employed or searching for a job, according to the results of a survey by Jobvite.

The recruiting platform asked 1,500 people who were working full time, part time, or job searching about what they wanted and needed from their current or future employment.

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Left behind

Some people have been left behind by the employment boom – 45% of job searchers say it’s been more difficult to find a job this year than last year. Those who said it’s especially hard are people in rural areas (27%) and those without a college degree (21%.)

Industries, where people are having difficulty finding work, include mining, transportation, and real estate. Additionally, a quarter of the unemployed feared their job could be automated within five years.

Also, 59% of part-time workers say they’re looking for full-time work.

Shifting priorities

For those seeking employment, there was a slight but noticeable shift of workers prioritizing career growth (61%) over healthcare and retirement benefits (58%) and salary (57%).

Younger workers were even more likely to prioritize career growth (65%). Those who were unemployed didn’t prioritize it as much (51%), possibly because they couldn’t afford to.

For those respondents who left a job in the last year, only 17% said it was for more money.

And for those who are employed, they’re keeping their options open: although job satisfaction is at 68%, a majority of those said they were still open to more attractive offers. A majority of employees applied to at least one job last year even though they had no plan on leaving their current job.

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