Survey: 63% of employees don’t plan to work on July 5th

It’s officially a holiday week— the fourth of July is this Wednesday, and there are bound to be a bunch of absences across your office. New data from OfficePulse shows that 63% of employees don’t plan to work on the fifth of July. More than 350 workers weighed in for the survey.

Who’s taking off for the fourth of July this week

Here are some of the data points from the research, showing that a bunch of employees won’t be clocking in toward the end of the week.

  • Monday: 31%
  • Tuesday: 39%
  • Wednesday: 64%
  • Thursday: 63%
  • Friday: 61%

The company also found that 14% of all workers and 23% of millennials “say they resent their employer for their treatment of vacation time” this week.

How to make your holiday travel less stressful

Here’s what to do if you’re going away this week for the fourth.

1. Pack a LOT of water, no matter where you’re going

It this week’s full-on heat wave didn’t make this abundantly clear already, hopefully it does now:

While OfficePulse found that 19% of all workers (and 30% of millennial-aged ones) who say they’ll be at work on Thursday admit that they’ll be feeling “hungover” or “extra tired” that day, staying hydrated with water will be extremely important.

2. Leave super early

OfficePulse also touches on the fact that Tuesday is slated “to be the busiest day on the road, according to INRIX.” There are going to be a ton of people looking for a mid-week escape this fourth of July, so give yourself more than enough time to get where you’re going. Also keep in mind that you could hit a ton of traffic on the way back home.

3. Follow these safety tips

Again, water is part of the equation— but there are a bunch of other tips you can follow as well.