Survey: 44% of CFOs say employee social media use is biggest time-wasting worry

Research has found that 40% of people who use social media have deleted an account within the last year because of privacy scandals at Facebook an Twitter, but it turns out that employees don’t always use it for just goofing off in the office.

While more than 4 in 10 employees overall say they “use social media for work purposes,” 40% of people surveyed in this category report being on it for a minimum of one hour every day. The data also shows that 44% of CFOs surveyed say that employers are most worried about “wasting time at work” when it comes to workers being on social media.

As for how the research was carried out, more than 1,000 American office employees “and more than 2,200 CFOs in more than 20 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas” were surveyed.

Employees on social media: What employers worry about

CFOs weighed in on this topic.

  • “Wasting time at work:” 44%
  • “Behaving unprofessionally:” 35%
  • “Posting financial or confidential company information:” 11%
  • “Posting negative comments about the company:” 10%

This is some pretty heavy stuff, but it’s actually not all doom and gloom.

Here are the best ways to use social media on the job

CFOs said that good things can result for companies when workers utilize social media platforms.

  • “Expand network of valuable contacts:” 30%
  • “Promote company’s attributes and accomplishments:” 22%
  • “Attract new business:” 22%
  • “Provide better customer service:” 21%

Michael Steinitz, executive director for Accountemps, commented on the research in a statement.

“A well-crafted approach to using social media at work can greatly benefit you and your company. Use the platforms as a way to increase productivity, rather than seeing them as a time-waster,”  he said.

What employees say they use social media for in the office

These were the most popular reasons.

  • “To do research:” 35%
  • “To promote the company to their social networks:” 28%
  • “To uncover new business contacts:” 26%

Clearly, there are positive ways to use social media at work, but let this be a word to the wise: don’t use it for anything that you wouldn’t want to have to explain to your employer.