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Twitter users encourage each other to #ShareYourRejections

Users flooded the site with tales of rejections in their careers, and some circumstances which ultimately led to massive success.

The Whole Human

12 things you can do to feel a little less lonely

We’ve outlined a few suggestions for the times when you feel lonely and like life just isn’t going your way, so you don't feel the need to hop on Facebook.


Survey: 34% of employers reprimanded or fired someone over online content

Recent data from CareerBuilder shows that 34% of companies saw something online that made them "reprimand or fire an employee."

How To

Getting unstuck: The myth of work-life balance

The key to getting unstuck is self-care, even when that feels like your lowest priority and the last thing you have time for.


‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ has people getting surgery to look like their selfies, doctors report

People used to want to look like celebrities, but now, thanks to "Snapchat dysmorphia," they want to look like their filtered selfies.

Highest Paying Jobs

15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs with really awesome Instagram accounts

How did we live before Instagram? Well we probably didn't have our nose in our phones as much, but seriously an Instagram account can say so much about a company and the people who work for it. 


New Facebook and Instagram tools seek to curb your social media addiction

Two of the biggest social networks that contribute to time sucks are offering up services to help you wean yourself off of them.


5 types of networking events actually worth your time

From happy hours to bowling matches to workshops, it seems like more networking opportunities are popping up every day. Here are a few we think you'll like.

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The father of virtual reality on how Facebook is messing with your mind

The "manipulation machine makes you cranky, makes you irritable, makes you paranoid, makes you sad ... Facebook ’s own researchers have published that.”

Job Search

5 tips to nail your LinkedIn profile like a boss

Because LinkedIn serves such a different purpose than its more “social” social media counterparts, it comes with its own set of rules.


Prepare your inbox, LinkedIn is adding a voicemail feature

The social network for professionals announced that it is introducing a new voicemail feature for its mobile app for iOS and Android.


This new LinkedIn feature makes networking so much easier

There’s nothing worse than when you are at a networking event, meet an amazing contact you want to stay in touch with, go to hand them a business card from your bag and realize you’re out.


Twitter shares a bunch of #OddThingsToAskTechSupport

What's the craziest thing you've ever asked IT to help with? Twitter responded in force as the hashtag #OddThingsToAskTechSupport trended.


Your ability to follow instructions is not the secret to your success

Following the rules is no longer sufficient to succeed. The generally accepted theory or belief that applies to almost everything we do can’t guarantee the life you seek and expect.


Business jargon for the home

Here is some corporate jargon that we’ve found useful for the home and how you can use it.

Work-Life Balance

JOMO is the new FOMO – and it’s perfect for preventing burnout

First, there was FOMO, which addressed that universal feeling we have developed thanks to social media. Now there's JOMO, the joy of missing out.


Survey: 44% of CFOs say employee social media use is biggest time-wasting worry

44% of CFOs surveyed say that employers are most worried about "wasting time at work" when it comes to workers being on social media.


Who gets to be defined as a self-made success?

Who gets to be called a self-made success? This is a debate that Forbes Magazine kicked off when it put Kylie Jenner on its cover.

Parents At Work

Working moms sympathize with Serena Williams missing baby milestone

Working moms recognized Serena Williams' heartache over missing her child's first steps, and responded with sympathy and advice.


Twitter shares what you should and shouldn’t do in an email

There are so many ways to go wrong when it comes to email— so when the hashtag #EmailDosAndDonts went viral on Twitter this week, users flooded the social media platform with both tips and things that really get their blood boiling.

How To

Turning yourself from a professional into a brand

Like it or not, working in the digital era challenges everyone to create a personal brand — even if it is merely through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Social Media

Twitter reacts to LeBron’s big career move: Playing for the LA Lakers

It's all happening: basketball icon LeBron James is saying goodbye to the Cleveland Cavaliers and has secured a spot on the Los Angeles Lakers for four years— oh yeah, plus a steep paycheck of $154 million.


Millennials would be willing to give up shampoo, TV, and pets for their phones

What would you be willing to give up for more time on your phone? For some Millennials, the answer can be extreme. According to a new Visible survey of more than 1,000 Millennials ages 18 to 34, people are willing to give up time with their pets and time shampooing in the shower to maintain their smartphone addiction.

Social Media

Why people’s fitness posts make us feel bad about ourselves

Seeing friends and coworkers posting on social media their happiness about an accomplishment can come at a cost to your mental wellbeing.


Survey: 64% of Americans know their partner’s bank passwords

64% of Americans know their spouse's bank passwords, and 53% know the passwords to social media accounts belonging to their partner.