Study: Millennials think slow WiFi and forgetting a charger is more stressful than paying bills

It isn’t easy being a Millennial. Or maybe it is, and they’re just under a lot of stress right now. According to a recent survey cited by StudyFinds, 58% of Millennials believe that life is more stressful right now than it ever has been.

The survey of 2,000 Millennials was commissioned by CBD oil company Endoca and carried out by OnePoll.

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About half of the respondents said they didn’t deal with stress very well. Much of the source of tension seemed to revolve around their smartphones, digital technology, and social media. The top source of stress was the nightmare of losing one’s wallet and credit cards. Still, 1 in 5 said they’d be even more upset if their smartphone screen broke.

A damaged phone screen was revealed to be a huge trigger for Millennial stress: 2 in 5 consider it more panic-inducing than seeing the “check engine” sign light up on their car.

The second biggest source of stress was arguing with their partner. Even so, 1 in 5 thought an even worse experience would be posting to social media and getting zero likes. (That’s an easy thing to fix – just delete the post!)

Smartphone traumas continued to outrank real-world problems in terms of stress and anxiety for Millennials. 1/3 thought that their smartphone dying was worse than discovering a fraudulent charge on their credit card.

Not only that, but Millennials, perhaps used to their phones as an extension of themselves, began to feel stress when their phone battery reaches the remaining battery percentage of 23%.

Gridlock and being stuck in traffic was the third biggest cause of Millennial stress. Yet a full 30% felt that slow Wifi was even more anxiety-producing.

It’s no wonder Millennials reported having trouble falling asleep three nights a week.

The Top 10 stressors for Millennials

  1. Losing your wallet or credit card
  2. Arguing with a partner
  3. Commute or traffic delays
  4. Losing your phone
  5. Getting to work late
  6. Slow Wifi
  7. Phone battery dying
  8. Forgetting passwords
  9. Credit card fraud
  10. Forgetting phone charger 

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