Study: 63% of tech workers get a response from an employer within 7 days of an interview

Waiting to hear back about a job can freak anyone out, but new research shows just how much time it takes for most tech workers to get an answer from a company they interviewed with. Recent data from Comparably found that 44% of tech workers get a response from an employer “within a week of” a job interview.

As for how the study was carried out, 26,518 tech workers from different companies of various sizes weighed in.

How long it takes to get a response about a job

It usually doesn’t take very long after an interview, according to people’s responses.

  • “Same day:” 19%
  • “Within a week:” 44%
  • “1-2 Weeks:” 23%
  • “2-4 Weeks:” 8%
  • “4+ Weeks:” 6%

What job interviews are like for different groups

While 26% of men and 33% of women reported that they scored a position after just one interview, 11% of men and 7% of women said it took them a minimum of five.

But although most people overall had two interviews before securing a job at 31% (and one at 30%), those working in Product were more likely to get one after at least five than any other group (16%). People doing administrative work most commonly were offered a position after just one interview, at 42%.

Here’s how people applied for positions in the hopes of getting an interview:

Here’s how people on different rungs of the career ladder applied for positions:

But while 38% of women reported that they got an interview by submitting an online application, 29% of men said the same thing.

Furthermore, 90% of men and 82% of women reported having “a positive overall experience” during the interview for the place they work now.

Just 7% of executives rated the interview for the job they have now was “very easy,” while 38% said it was “average.”

How people rated interviewing for the job they have now

Here’s how all groups responded:

  • “Very difficult:” 7%
  • “Difficult:” 23%
  • “Average:” 46%
  • “Easy:” 15%
  • “Very Easy:” 9%

This data was compiled from people in the tech industry, but one thing’s for sure, no matter which field you’re a member of— the job application and interview processes aren’t always a breeze.