Straight Talk About ‘the Job’: Cosmopolitan

“Cosmopolitan”: If they’d Asked Amanda about The Job, here’s what I’d say…

The Job featured five candidates – Rachele, Carlos, Brenda, Diandra, and Kristina – competing for the coveted position of editorial assistant with the “West Point of magazines,”  Cosmopolitan.

While I watched these candidates run around the streets of New York City for their trial run, take part in a live quiz about fashion and pop culture, and answer interview questions, I started thinking about the battle of the generations in the job market.

Whether you’ve recently graduated and are struggling to get that first full-time job, or you’re a seasoned professional facing the perils of age discrimination, the job search is not easy.

The millennial generation is notorious for being too casual during the interview process. If you’re in your twenties and looking for a job, take heed. Check and double-check any written communication related to a job application or interview. Remember, spellcheck can’t tell the difference between “read” and “red.” I couldn’t believe that two of the contestants submitted work with grammatical errors and misspellings! In the real world, neither candidate would have made it to the next interview round.

Make sure your Facebook page and other social media accounts don’t include anything that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see. Take steps to keep any personal accounts secure.

For the baby boomers like Brenda, remember that you don’t have to be the target audience of a product in order to work for that company. You do, however, need to understand who the target audience is. In this digital age, all the information you need is a Google search away. In Brenda’s case, a quick search for Cosmopolitan’s media kit and a copy of the magazine’s latest issue would have done the trick.

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