Stop competing with your coworkers. It’s not healthy

With more women entering the workforce than ever before, and our dream jobs becoming increasingly more attainable as a result of social media, competition in the work force is at an all-time high. As much as competition can be advantageous, it is often only healthy to a point.

A bout of healthy competition can be used to keep us on track and maintain our motivation, but how do we recognize when this feeling is no longer beneficial? We are all individuals with a unique skill set trying to advance in our careers, but when is competition no longer healthy? When our personal goals start to become greater than the goals of the company, or when our progress starts to be at the expense of a colleague’s, we have to reevaluate our motives. What can we do when we start spelling TEAM with an “I”? Below are four simple ways we can be better at using our competitive energy to benefit everyone on the team!

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“I may excel at X, but I need to work on Y”

As much as many type A individuals may not like to admit it, we all have a set of weaknesses in addition to our strengths. Gasp! Jot down in your phone or notebook the skills you rock at and the tasks you could use an extra hand. Seek out a colleague that compliments your skill set and work together on a project that requires both of your unique talents. It’s important to be honest with this task as the more truthful you are the more likely you will find a perfect match. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

“Where have you been all my life?”

In addition to discovering a complimentary skill set amongst our colleagues, it can also be helpful to find a match from a social perspective. The more we get to know our co-workers personally, the less “threatening” they are. Discover common interests by grabbing a latte together on break or a glass of rosé after work….you never know, you may just meet a new friend. When we become friendly with our colleagues their success will often become our own. Find your partner in crime!


Now that you and your previous nemesis have become friendly and have complimented each other on a recent work project, it’s time to unite together long term! Discover each other’s personal goals within the company and unite together on common long-term business goals. This unity doesn’t only have to be with one other colleague but can include an entire #squad. There truly is strength in numbers.

“Let’s celebrate”

When we accomplish a goal or finally submit a project we have been working on for months, celebrating is part of the journey! As much as it’s enjoyable to celebrate our own personal success, the party is so much better when we can share the moment with an entire team. Following your next submission with your #squad, plan a special night at your favorite restaurant and soak in all the success that has been accomplished together. No such thing as a party for one! 

This article originally appeared on Create and Cultivate.

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