Step-by-Step: Your Role — And the Recruiter’s

A step-by-step guide to how recruiters and job seekers partner together.

In a recent editorial package, “How to Work with Executive Recruiters,” on working with executive recruiters, Elizabeth Bennett explored the frustrations Ladders hears from job seekers confused and angry about a lack of responsiveness from executive recruiters.

“Nobody has the professional courtesy to get back to me or any person submitting job applications,” one frustrated job seeker complained to Ladders. “The online application goes into a black hole, never to be heard from again.”

“I sent an e-mail to a recruiter two weeks ago asking for status of that job and still have not received a reply,” another candidate said. “I find that very frustrating and unprofessional.”

So what are those recruiters doing while you wait to hear the results of your resume submission or job interview? In fact, you and the recruiter both have roles to play every step of the way; there are times to press forward moments when patience is essential. Download this step-by-step flow chart to learn the steps you need to waltz away with the job!