Staying Positive in the Job Search

It’s no secret that job hunting at its very worst can be a demoralizing experience. When trying to sell your qualifications in a competitive job market, rejection is inevitable as employers have so many applications to choose from. For this reason, it’s crucial that you maintain a positive attitude toward your job search. In fact, your attitude toward your job search is as important as your strategy for conducting it; your results will certainly suffer if you feel negative, unengaged, or stressed out.

If you are looking for a job while unemployed, it can be particularly difficult to maintain your morale. Here is a good strategy for keeping your focus and positivity day in and day out:

You do, in fact, have a job. You get up and start working at around 9am, and end your workday around 5pm. You take a proper lunch hour, and breaks here and there throughout the day, but otherwise you work steadily. And like everyone else, you stop work around 5pm or 6pm, and use the rest of your day to relax or otherwise devote time to your personal life. You DON’T work on weekends. The only difference is that the work you happen to be doing within that schedule is job hunting.

This strategy is effective because, as a regular nine-to-five job should, it leaves you feeling satisfied from a full day’s work, and creates a distinction between your work and personal lives. By establishing this balance, you are better able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your job search will undoubtedly benefit. Consider the interview process as one example: you will come off so much better to a hiring manager if you appear healthy, focused, and assured, and are therefore that much more likely to land the position you’re seeking.