Want a New Job This Fall? Start Your Job Search Now

Get a leg up on your job competition by starting your job search now. 

Pool parties. Beach days. Barbecues.

With so many wonderful distractions during the summer, it’s no wonder that many professionals postpone their job-search plans until the fall. It can be challenging to concentrate on your next career move when resumes and cover letters are competing with baseball games and vacation plans for calendar space. However, the summer is the perfect time to focus on the activities that will lay the foundation for a successful search.

Follow these four steps this coming month to get a jump on your job hunt – and the competition – before fall arrives.

Plot your next move

While you’re watching the waves hit the beach or gazing at a beautiful sunset, take a few moments for self-reflection. Where do you want to go next in your career? Consider what you’ve enjoyed most about your recent work, and what you wish you could change. What kind of organization do you want to work for? It’s much easier to start your job search in earnest once your job goals are well-defined.

Take the job market’s pulse

While you clarify your job goals, start scoping out the job market to get a sense of your available opportunities. Download free apps like Ladders  and take a look at the open positions in your area while you’re on the go. Not only will this help to firm up your job goals, but it will also shed light on any skill gaps you may need to fill in order to land your dream job.

Build your brand campaign

As a job seeker, you automatically become a marketer and the No. 1 product you’re selling is your expertise. Consider your resume and professional profiles to be your personal marketing materials. Spend a little time each week updating these materials to make sure they’re up-to-date and support your goals by calling attention to your relevant experience and accomplishments. Not sure how to describe your role and responsibilities? Review job descriptions that are similar to your current position for inspiration.

Start reconnecting

Take advantage of Summer Fridays and leisurely lunches to catch up with former colleagues and other connections with whom you lost touch. This is another great way to get a pulse on the job market and make your new job goals known. Studies show that you’re ten times more likely to land a job when your application includes an employee referral, so get out there and reconnect !

With a little determination – and some effective multitasking – you can set yourself up for job-search success before Labor Day. Click on the following link for more job-search strategies.