Sorry John and Sarah, but you’re probably the most annoying people in the office

It’s amazing, but you spend more time with your coworkers than you do with your loved ones and the people you live with. People like the Cookie Lady – you know her, the one who always tries to get you to eat the baked goods she brings in daily – and the girl who not-so-innocently asks why you aren’t married yet.

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Then there’s the guy from marketing who gives unsolicited massages. Not to mention your boss and all his dumb stories. Olivet Nazarene University surveyed 2,000 workers about what annoyed them at work, and what annoyed them was … their coworkers.

On average, the survey found, 2-5 coworkers are annoying people at any one given time (73%).

The most irritating things they do!

  • Loudness and complaining: 49%
  • Gossip and bullying: 32%
  • Bathroom and eating habits: 12%

Strangely, the people who are the most annoying in an office tend to have similar names. Top names for girls are Sarah, Jessica, and Lisa. For boys, it’s John, Mike, and Mark.

A hefty 78% confronted the annoying colleague about their behavior … but 47% did it through another colleague. A brave 30% did it directly.

Surprisingly, 71% of respondents have been confronted about their annoying before themselves … and 65% were men.

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