So long summer: Here’s your back-to-work shopping guide

Sure, you may not take a ‘First Day Back-to-Work’ photo to share on Instagram these days — but isn’t the vibe the same? Jitters from the lack of freedom that sunshine presents, annoyance that Fridays away from the office aren’t a thing anymore, and of course, the realization that another New Year is less than six months away.

Once summer has come to a close, many professionals feel the pull to double-down for the rest of the year to meet goals and move those numbers. One way to motivate yourself, get into the right mindset and of course, raise your excitement levels for the season ahead is to upgrade and organize your lifestyle. From digital products to accessories, consider this your back-to-work shopping guide.

For note-taking: Sony Digital Paper

sony digital paper

Perfect for toting around the office, this new release from Sony combines the simplicity of writing notes by hand with the convenience of digital features. Unlike the notebooks stacked on your desk, you can easily find what you’re looking for and share notes to another device.

For fresh smells: Hyascent Fresh Up

hyascent fresh up

Just as the name implies, this diffuser set freshens up your space with a mix of musky and floral scents. The best part: It lasts up to six months, so you don’t have to worry about switching it out.

For a new kick in your step: Kahu Pahaha


Business casual — stress on the ‘casual’ — at its best, these leather sneakers add an elevated look to any outfit. But most importantly, they’re comfortable enough to wear if you’re commuting or walking through the city after hours.

For your spine: QOR360 The Ariel


Let’s say that you sit for at least seven hours on the job, don’t you think it’s worth it to invest in a comfortable chair? The corporate yet chic Ariel is made for all-day sitting and can have wheels added for an extra $15.

For burning the midnight oil: Pixel Computer Glasses

pixel glasses
Pixel Eyewear

If you’re staring at a computer screen all day, it’s time to jump on the blue light glasses bandwagon. Get started with a pair of handcrafted Pixel frames, and then reap the benefits like reduced eye strain and improved sleep.

For meal prep: LUX LCD Multi-Cooker

zavor pressure cooker

Named the Best Multicooker in the market by America’s Test Kitchen, this small (but mighty) kitchen appliance has more than 10 cooking functions to help make meal prepping a breeze. Use the pressure cooker function for lazy weeknight meals, or prep your lunches in advance with the slow cooker.

For commuting in style: Rugged Twill Original Briefcase


There’s something about walking into the office with a briefcase that makes you feel legit. Even better? Walking in the office with this large twill briefcase that resists wear and repels water.

For focusing: PSB M4U 8 Headphones

psb headphones

Block out your noisy deskmates with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. When you really need to focus, throw on this pair by PSB to drown out the noise and listen to your favorite tunes on blast.

For aches and pain: 90-Minute Oska Pulse


Sitting all day doesn’t do your body any good. To ease your aches and pains, increase circulation, and improve mobility, use this doctor-approved Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy machine. It’s like physical therapy — that you can do in the comfort of your home, or even better, your office.

For clutter-fighting: NoteTower Desk Organizer


Out of sight, out of mind: Keep your to-dos in eye view thanks to this standing note tower. Just clip important notes, post-lunch thoughts, or photos of your loved ones on this organizer, so that you have everything you need in one spot.

For better sleep: Chili Ooler Sleep System

chili ooler

The first step to becoming a star employee is by getting a quality night’s rest. Upgrade your sleep with this system by Ooler, which automatically adjusts your bed temperature so that you (and your partner, if you select the We option) don’t wake up in the middle of the night sweating or shivering.

For work travel: K Carroll Madeline Tote

k carroll tote

Big enough to fit most laptops yet sturdy enough to not tug on your shoulders, this work bag also comes with 3 RFID protected built-in card slots, so your cards are protected on your crowded commute.

For a VA hire: Delegate

delegate app

It’s all in the name: This service organizes and delegates tasks to your team, boosting productivity and reducing any confusion along the way. Talk about #strategic.

For pet owner anxiety: VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot


You won’t feel as bad for leaving Fido at home if you know that he’s having a good time at home (even if you’re not there to give him belly rubs). This smart robot will encourage him to get up off the couch and play fetch throughout the house. As a reward, it’ll toss him a few treats, which you can manage beforehand.

For a jolt of caffeine: Partners Coffee Subscription

partners coffee
Partners Coffee

Your 9-5 is significantly more bearable if you kick it off with a strong brew. With this coffee subscription, you’ll never run out of fresh coffee — There are 8 flavor options! — and can cut back on spending a fortune at your local coffee shop.

For major comfort: Everlane The Trainer


Regardless if you designate them as your commuting shoe or wear ‘em all day long, these cult favorites from Everlane are comfortable, chic, and extremely easy to style.

For office air conditioning: Orvis Club Knit Quarter-Zip


He can throw this quarter-zip sweater over a button-down shirt or keep things casual with a tee underneath. Either way, he’ll look effortless yet stylish. Plus, you don’t want to be freezing when the AC is still cranking mid-October.

For functional style: Morton Dress

of mercer morton dress
Of / Mercer

For the days when you want to be one and done, this ruched and pleated dress will show off your figure in all the right places while still looking work apropos. We love the concept, the fit and best of all, the ease.