Sleeping in this position may hurt your relationship

We now know that sleeping in a certain position can have adverse effects on your health as well as your motivation and overall mood when you wake up but it turns out, the direction you face when you sleep can literally have an impact on your romantic relationship. Whoa.

According to that same survey by The Sleep Judge of 1,021 people if you and your partner sleep back to back 11% said they were unsatisfied with the relationship. This was the highest level of unsatisfaction (11%) compared to couples that slept in the spooning position, both facing the same direction (AKA loose spooning) and both on their stomachs.

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It was the little spoon and the big spoon for the win as they reported a 99% satisfaction rate.

Back it up

Now before you never sleep back to back again (except then how can you hide the fact that you are eating cookies in bed from your partner?) it should be noted that those back to backers who said they slept well were, for the most part (37%), content when they woke up.

Only 1% behind a couple that slept in the same direction but not spooning. And as has been emphasized throughout this survey sleeping on your stomach once again proved to be bad for you in yet another way as when couples do this 19% said they were grumpy the next day and only 30% were content.

Check out the graphic below for more results on couples and sleeping positions.

The study did not note how long these couples had been together.

Perhaps the spooners get all the credit for being hot and heavy but relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet says that couples that go back-to-back without touching are “connected and secure in themselves. This position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship.”

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