Sell Yourself Short

Excerpted from ”You’re Better Than Your Job Search”

By Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg


If your experience is in a troubled industry, you may have to find a whole new way to package it, says Randy Hain, managing partner at Bell Oaks Executive Search in Atlanta. “I know a guy who was senior in the insurance industry,” he says. He ended up taking a project-manager job with a small company that saw some value in his leadership skills. But he couldn’t find anything related to his experience. I see that a lot with anyone related to real estate right now, or home lending, mortgages. … There’s just nothing to be found. Either they take a job in a new industry, or they take anything they can in their industry to survive.”

Colleen O’Neill, a principal at Mercer, says she believes hiring managers tend to be much more flexible about cross-industry moves today. “When we’re talking to recruiting managers, they’re very open, and they know that even that highly qualified candidate might have been making much more than they’re offering today.

“And then certainly, I think people have a different mindset: It’s not necessarily going to hurt their long-term prospects that they have something else to add in their portfolio, that there was some period of time that they worked in a different industry, had a different job — we’re kind of in a different place than we were the last recession,” she says. “People know that the’re going to have many jobs over the course of their working life. From an employers’ standpoint, I think people are very open to it.”

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From ” You’re Better Than Your Job Search ” by Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg.