What’s your Scout feature and how does it help me?

What’s the Scout feature? Popular question!

Scout is a high-tech competitive-analysis tool for Premium members.

So did you find that answer helpful?

No, of course you didn’t.

So let’s lay it out in real terms, Ladders style.

Ladders’ Scout feature helps you decide if a career opening is right for you.

OK – so how does it do that?

In any posted positions with collated data, you can use Scout to view:

    • Title
    • Education level
    • Years of experience
    • Compensation level
  • Areas of expertise

– of members applying for a position.

Which puts you in a position of competitive advantage by allowing you to start thinking about:

    • What you should highlight in your application.
    • Which openings are worth your valuable time.
  • What priority you should give to openings.

Scout feature explanatory example image

How Do I Use the Scout Feature?

Ok – for example: Scout shows you that most applicants have applied for a position and highlighted a Bachelor’s Degree.

Great, but you have a Master’s Degree. So highlighting your achievement will give you the advantage, or place you in a more competitive bracket.

Alternatively, you see that others have a higher degree level, but an experience level of, say, 5-7 years, when you have 15+ years.

So now you have an advantage that could turn things in your favor — depending on what the employer values for that position.

Obviously, you can move on quickly and look for something more suitable, based on your analysis of the data.

  1. Click on any position you’re interested in.
  2. Check below the job description to see if Scout is available.

Ok — data is being used, so privacy questions arise.

And that’s welcome, because Ladders members value their privacy. So it’s something we care about and protect. That’s why all data used by Scout is completely anonymous.

Years of research and member feedback demonstrate that any fear of being “recognized” by employers or colleagues through Scout data can be dismissed.

So, Scout’s competitive analysis offering in a nutshell?

Precision targeting and saving time.

Which can also be accomplished with Apply4Me, in which all job applications are completed on members’ behalf by the Apply4Me team.

Yet another great benefit of Premium membership with Ladders!

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders team

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