Research: Commuting in this state is worse than in any other

Research has found that adding 20 minutes to your commute is like getting a 19% pay cut, but recent results from the Esurance Smart Commuting Index show that commuting in Delaware is worse than any other state in America.

The research had a detailed methodology, but the site reports that they “combined a variety of sources to develop 6 indexes, which we then aggregated to generate an overall index,” among other practices.

The 10 states with the worst commuting culture

You already know the state with the worst, but here are the rest:

41) New Hampshire

42) Alabama

43) Connecticut

44) Maryland

45) Rhode Island

46) Tennessee

47) New York

48) South Carolina

49) New Jersey

50) Delaware

But why did this state come in last place? Esurance elaborated on the reason, reporting that “Delaware ranks last in the Index results. Across the board, Delaware scores the lowest on critical categories for commute time and limited use of alternative transportation methods. In fact, Delaware residents experience a commute that’s increased by almost nine percent from 2007-2016. Its best score was for safety, where it ranked 34th.”

On the other hand, here are the top five highest-ranking states on the list:

1) Alaska

2) Utah

3) Montana

4) South Dakota

5) Wyoming

 The best and worst states for commuting safety

Here are the top five in this category:

1) Minnesota

2) Hawaii

3) Illinois

4) Washington

5) New York

Here are the bottom five in this category:

46) Arizona

47) Kentucky

48) Louisiana

49) South Carolina

50) Florida