Recruiter called? 6 quick ways to update your executive resume now

The executive recruiter calls with a role that sounds like it was written just for you. The more the recruiter described the position, the more excited you get. Then he ends the call with, “Great! Send me your resume and I’ll submit you to the company.”


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You realize you haven’t updated your resume in a few months (some of you know you probably haven’t updated your resume in a couple of years!). So what can you do to update your resume quickly to send it over to the recruiter?

Here are six actions to take to update your executive resume pronto:

Make sure your contact information is updated

Current phone number (mobile) and email. You won’t need to include your physical address to send your resume to a third party recruiter in most cases. Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile vanity URL. Here are instructions on how to create your Vanity LinkedIn URL.

Ensure the target role you just discussed with the recruiter is reflected in the title of your resume

Don’t start this summary section with the word “summary” or “objective.” Use the title as the title. This will visually reinforce to the reader that you want to do what they need.

Ask the recruiter what are the top three achievements the prospective employer wants this next hire to do

Next, be sure you have measurable achievements listed that demonstrate how you either have done these accomplishments already or show how you are positioned to do these wins as next steps in your career. Speak to what the employer needs and what the recruiter says is important in the form of achievement-based bullets in your resume.

Here are a few tips to do that include focusing on CAR or STAR formats. CAR stands for Context, Action, Result. The objective is to introduce a problem that you solved by providing the story behind it. STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is similar in so far as you are also telling a story and highlighting how you are the hero in a situation.

Freshen up the font

Gravitate towards a font more modern while still conveying an executive feel, such as Calibri or Arial Narrow.

Update the visual element to your resume

Include subtle touches of color in the form of a separator line between sections. Refrain from using graphs and tables. Keep the layout simple, yet elegant, when doing your resume yourself.

Employ the use of white space in your resume

Break up blocks of information and use short sentences with numeric- and results-driven content. Know that readers digest reading your resume in 6 second increments, so you want to write digestible morsels to keep them reading and motivated to call.

Ideally, you want to be ready with a resume before that recruiter call comes. But let’s face it, most of us will do it under pressure after the call comes. So these steps above will have you updating your resume and sending it over to the recruiter in no time! Also, remember companies that specialize in executive resume writing and consulting can be a big help when it comes to updating a resume quickly. You never have to do it alone.

Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes® LLC,, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website, is a 10-time Certified Resume Writer, Job Search Consultant & Former Recruiter.

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