How does “Recommended Jobs” work?

Recommended Jobs works by sending you jobs that meet your specific requirements.

So you gain the $100K+ jobs that match you with step-by-step ease.

First, you sign up with Ladders and provide information tailored to your needs.

Ladders free signup landing page box.

This includes your job title, salary expectations and basic personal information, like Zip Code. (Current salary is not used publicly).

As a result, Ladders targets open positions in the public arena using this information; and from our database created by high-end businesses searching for talent like you.

Your Recommended Jobs

Once signed up, simply click the icon with your name beside it. It’s in the top right corner of your screen. And choose Job Preferences from the dropdown box.

Easy, right? It stays that way.

So here’s what you see when tailoring your recommended jobs.

First of all, you’ll want to narrow down or add specialities in your professional role. Click Edit to add or remove individual items, then save.

The same goes for your professional title in the box below. Choose Edit to provide information. Recent salary, desired salary and the radius (if any), you want targeted by us in relation to your Zip Code can all be added here.

And you can edit these details at any time using the same simple process.

So What Happens Next?

We start targeting recommended jobs the moment you provide the tailoring.

Every time you sign in to your Ladders account, you’ll see a list of jobs we’ve found on your behalf, based on the information you shared.

This process is based on hi-tech algorithms that discover open positions in your range and pull in all available information and any related data.

All you have to do is peruse and choose.

Anything Else?

You’re about to benefit a lot from that question.

Ladders email options provided on members' account page.

Due to data pulled in by our search algorithms being so comprehensive, we break it down into a series of opportunity-based categories for you, which include:

  • New jobs just posted, designed to give you an application advantage.
  • Great fits offering a higher salary than your desired salary.
  • Apply4Me notifications for members’ choosing to apply for more jobs by having their job applications completed for them.
  • Jobs answering any saved searches you’ve made in your account.
  • Personalized insights and updates on your resume, jobs in your city, remote-only jobs and more.

Above all, these recommended email categories are delivered directly to your email inbox. This allows you to see opportunities on the move, adding a powerful advantage to a potentially perfect match.

To ensure you’re receiving these, simply go to Emails in your Ladders account, and make sure all the options under Emails are marked on. The button should appear green rather than gray.


On your jobs page, you’ll see an Apply4Me option with each job.

Image of Ladders' Apply4Me button on job search

This service allows Premium members to have their job application forms completed on their behalf by our dedicated Apply4Me team – saving lots of time and removing endless repetition in the job search process.

Hope that helps!

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders Team

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