Ready or not: Three mantras for every job search

Before you attend that networking event or go searching for the latest in resume advice, take a moment, take a breath, and read these three items:


1.      You have a new job.

Consider your job search a new job all on its own. If you’re currently employed, best practices say you should spend 15-20 hours a week on your job search. Unemployed?  You need to dedicate 35-40 hours a week. In this market, you need to be committed to your search. If your time is limited, make sure you’re focusing on the activities that will be most effective for your search.

2.      Everyone has a bad day.

Having a bad day isn’t nearly as bad if you have a plan for the day after. When you hit a speed bump – and you will – don’t let it derail you. Instead, redouble your efforts for the next day’s hunt. Do everything you can to maintain momentum. Remember, it’s how you perform when things don’t work out that defines you.

3.      Give yourself a gold star.

Each week, take a moment to recognize the successes you’ve had with your job search, no matter how small they seem. The job search is a long process and there are many milestones along the way to that coveted job offer.  Celebrating them can give you the confidence and momentum you need to get you there.

Did you read those? Great! Now go back and read them again, aloud if possible. Commit them to memory if you can. You’re going to find yourself coming back to them repeatedly throughout the course of your search. The search can be a difficult and lonely place, but only if you let it. Remind yourself that overnight success in the job search is not only unlikely, it’s almost completely impossible.