A look at professional services firm Andersen (plus advice for getting hired)

Andersen is one of the largest independent tax firms in the world, and the company doesn’t have any plans of shrinking any time soon. In fact, Andersen, which currently has 171 locations around the world, is looking to expand to 15 to 20 new countries per year and 25 to 35 locations per year.

After the demise of the Arthur Andersen, HSBC purchased a portion of the organization’s tax practice. Wealth & Tax Advisory Services, Inc (WTAS), as the subsidiary came to be called,  was led by Mark Vorsatz. At the end of 2007, WTAS conducted a management buy-out, initiating the process of separating from HSBC. In 2014, the organization announced that it acquired the rights to the Andersen brand name and would rename the company Andersen Tax. On September 3, the company dropped “Tax” from the name to become just Andersen.

Find out more about the company’s growth, company culture, and how you can join the global organization.

Andersen rundown

Size: Andersen Global has more than 5,000 professionals worldwide through its member firms and collaborating firms.

Industry: Financial Services

Locations: The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, but it has a presence in over 167 locations around the world.

Founded: 2002

CEO: Mark Vorsatz

andersen ceo mark vorsatz
CEO Mark Vorsatz; Photo courtesy Andersen

How much do Andersen employees make?

The average salary for an Andersen Tax employee is $122,567 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations.

Andersen Jobs

Andersen is currently looking for a Corporate Tax Manager and a Tax Senior Manager in Boston, Massachusetts.

The headquarters in San Francisco is looking for a Corporate/Commercial Tax Senior Manager to join the team. Open positions in the Chicago office include a Resource Manager role and an M&A Tax Manager role. View Ladders’ Andersen Jobs page for a full list of open roles and information on how to apply.

Andersen company culture

At Andersen, we celebrate our people and recognize that their expertise is what sets us apart from other firms. We have assembled a unique group of talented individuals who share a common vision to be the “Best of the Best.” The company knows their people are special, which is why it does all it can to help make them more successful in every aspect of their life.

“We want to invest people because people are our product,” Vorsatz said. Tehe CEO recalls memories of when disasters hit and affected the lives and homes of employees. When floods hit Houston, the company was there with immediate financial aid because it knows that insurance companies often move slower than you need them. Similarly, when a New York employee with four young children was displaced due to a completely flooded home from Hurricane Sandy, Vorsatz advised a blank check to help this women out.

“I said, ‘Whatever it takes. Get them situated, get her housing, get someone to help her take care of her kids. We’re on it.,’” Vorsatz said. “That’s a culture.”

Stewardship is an important core value that resonates throughout the organization and is crucial in fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to teach one another. Internally, employees can participate in collaborative training and an extensive mentorship program to assist them in advancing their careers at all levels. Other professional development programs include tuition reimbursement, professional credential and exam material reimbursement, a CPA exam bonus, and extensive training resources.

Additionally, the company works hard to foster an environment of transparency and provide opportunities for career development. The firm is consistently expanding, which provides significant long-term career paths for its professionals. Maintaining mentoring relationships through the Mentoring program has been a major asset in opening lines of communication about career development. This program also provides employees with a space to discuss their goals and how they can achieve them.

Outstanding client service is a byproduct of quality professionals supported by best-in-class training. By combining industry knowledge with trends and best practices, Andersen provides a multi-faceted approach to the learning and development of our professionals.

Professional development program
In 2014, the company created a professional development programs in partnership with the University of San Francisco (USF) School of Law. This initiative provides employees with an opportunity to earn a USF Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM) or Master of Legal Studies in Taxation (MLST) at absolutely no cost to the participant.

The classes are conducted in a compressed seven-week format, outside of the typical busy seasons, to allow for a balance of education, work, and personal life. The company encourages all employees to participate in this program, with no recourse if the employee decides to move somewhere else after.

“If you come to work for us at entry level and you do the program and then in two or three years you get your Master’s and you say ‘Hey, thanks very much I want to leave.’ We say, ‘Terrific, hope you learned a lot, and we wish you the best of luck,’” Vorsatz said.

Interview advice from Andersen

The company has an ongoing need for motivated professionals who are committed to their careers and want to devote the time and effort needed for success. Leaders at Andersen are committed to developing the next generation by maintaining a firm culture that creates opportunities, mentors talent, and promotes professionals. The company believes that the secrets to success are having a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, the passion to succeed, and the willingness to be part of a team.

The organization aims to hire dedicated and creative professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who demonstrate a passion for the company’s five core values: best-in-class, stewardship, independence, seamlessness, and transparency.

Interview advice from Andersen CEO Mark Vorsatz

“If you have ambition, if you have passion, if you’re motivated, there’s no better place that you could come to than here because we’re growing fast,” Vorsatz said, when asked what he would tell someone interviewing at Andersen. “There’s tremendous opportunities for professional growth, tremendous opportunity for financial growth, and we want to invest in people because people are our product.”

When it comes to advice, Vorsatz encourages people to be themselves, and emphasizes that the company hired based off skills, not past experience or education.

“There are certain things you can teach,” noting that he would hire someone with average or low writing skills if they have outstanding interpersonal skills. “And then there are certain skills she has that are not teachable.”

“If you just want to have a job as a placeholder, or you don’t care, or you’re just here to fill out your time, we’re not the place for you,” Vorsatz said. “But if you want to achieve your potential, which I think most people do, this is the place for you.”

Employee benefits

  • Health, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance
  • Flexible spending account (FSA)
  • Health savings account (FSA)
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Mental health care
  • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • 401K plan
  • Performance bonus
  • Stock options
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Fertility assistance
  • Reduced or flexible hours
  • Military leave
  • Family medical leave
  • Work from home
  • Unpaid extended leave
  • Vacation & paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick days
  • Bereavement leave

Employee perks

  • Employee discount
  • Employee assistance program
  • Commuter checks & assistance
  • Company social events
  • Legal assistance
  • Free lunch or snacks
  • Gym membership
  • Pet-friendly workplace
  • Travel concierge
  • Professional development
  • Apprenticeship program

Employee reviews 2019

Reviews on Glassdoor range from one-star reviews titled “fine if you like to be micro-managed” to five-star reviews stating that Andersen is “very flexible and fast growing.”

“Good opportunity for growth,” one reviewer wrote, adding that they “enjoyed the community” and that the company had “a good work culture.”

Overall, the company has great ratings on Glassdoor, with 83% of reviewers agreeing they would recommend the company to a friend and 92% of reviewers agreeing that they approve of the CEO.