Phone calls, saying ‘no’ and staying ready

Be bold. Make the call.

The Power of the phone

I know I’m all about email writing tips, but this time let’s switch gears and talk about the phone.

Sometimes, the shortest distance between you and an opportunity is a phone call.

Who can you call to open a new door in your career? Have your “pitch” ready to go, pick up the receiver and set something great in motion.

Remember: you are always in control of your career!

Be willing to say “no”

Simple question: yes or no?

When we decide what work to pursue, it’s always yes vs no.

More and more, I say “no” to opportunities outside of my core area of expertise (business communication). Otherwise, I’m pulled in too many directions. Jack of all trades is a master of none.

On the other hand, I say “yes” as much as possible to opportunities within business communication. Those experiences allow me to improve my skillset and define my brand.

The goal: to be an inch wide and a mile deep.

The only way to get there? Master “yes vs no.”

Keep grinding at the work that makes you, you. Leave everything else to everyone else.

On being ready

Do you have a big career opportunity on the horizon? Then you need to remember the “p” word.


If you don’t have a firm plan before “the moment” arrives, then you could squander the chance at a major professional win.

Because once “the moment” passes, it’s gone. And you may never have the exact same chance again.

So make a checklist. Address every item. Don’t skimp on the preparation phase.

Your future self will thank you.

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