Is Perspective Killing Your Job Search?

Looking at things from the employer’s point of view can give you an edge when looking for employment.


This is the single most important piece of information I can share with you about your personal brand. It will totally change the way that you approach your job search. It will change the way you write, the things you communicate and even the way you feel about your search. And, best of all, it’s easy to do, but so uncommon that it will make you shine. Just like the rock star you are.

Look at everything, yes everything, from the employer’s perspective. That’s right. Let go of yourself. Let go of your ego. Let go of everything that you want. Ironically enough, letting go of what you want is the single best way to get exactly what you want.

Let’s break it down. What exactly does it mean to look at everything from the employer’s perspective? Well, quite simply, instead of thinking about what you want and what you have accomplished, think about what the employer wants and what they would think is impressive.

A good way to go about this is to create a profile of the perfect applicant. What would they be like in real life? How would they interact with their co-workers? What would they have accomplished? And then turn that profile into a catchphrase. For a project manager, it might be: “Stable, social and organized with a history of on time and on budget deliveries.”

Write that phrase on a piece of paper and keep it next to you as you work on your application. From the intro e-mail and resume to the interview, be yourself… personified to that catchphrase.

Quick check: Is your every word and interaction supporting the employer’s vision? The catchphrase? If not, rethink that aspect.

To dig a bit deeper into the employer perspective, ask yourself these questions:

  • How will I decrease costs or increase revenue? The reality of business is that it all comes down to the bottom line. Employers want to know how you will affect that. Look at your history, what have you done to help your companies grow? Or manage costs?
  • How will I affect the team? Do you help others shine? Do you bring energy to your group? Do you offer non-biased critiques? What soft skills do you bring to the table?
  • How will I change the organization? Do you excel at building processes? Or perhaps at tearing them down? Do you have a vision for the future of the organization? The bottom line is, find a problem you can help solve.

And don’t forget, even with those questions, align them with your optimal applicant persona! Changing your perspective to that of the employer’s is the single best thing you can do for you application.

Reposted with permission from Personal Branding Blog