Over 60% in tech told not to discuss salary

Salary and total compensation are some of the most popular topics discussed anonymously on Blind. Professionals often use this knowledge to negotiate the highest offer possible.

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Last year, we asked users of our app if they have been discouraged by HR or management from discussing compensation with other employees.

This year, we decided to ask the same question along with a second question asking if verified employees actually share their compensation with their coworkers.

The Survey Questions:

  1. At my current workplace, I have been discouraged by HR/management from discussing my compensation with other employees. [Yes/No]
  2. Do you share your compensation with your coworkers? [Yes/No]

Key Points:

  • 60.59% of participants answered ‘Yes’ versus 39.41% answering with ‘No’.
  • Paypal, Intel, and Cisco had the highest percentage of ‘Yes’/ employees that have been discouraged to talk about their compensation.
  • Facebook, Indeed.com and Google had the lowest percentage of ‘Yes’.
  • Employees at companies that are discouraged to talk about their salary will more likely not talk about their salary with their coworkers.

Company breakdown:

The survey ran from June 26 – July 1st, 2019 and we received a total of 5,149 responses from our users.

This article first appeared on Team Blind.