Over 15% of workers are stoned on the job, but they have their reasons

As marijuana becomes more legal, both medicinally and recreationally, it becomes more normal, which means more people are smoking or otherwise consuming it before or at work.

Remedy Review surveyed 1,000 employed people about weed at work and found that our offices are full of people dropping Visine and popping gummies all day long.

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The findings

  • 16% of employees say they’ve been high on marijuana at work
  • Of that number, a startling 26.7% said they were under the influence of reefer, at their jobs, every day.

Here’s how the rest of the work tokers stacked up in terms of frequency:

That seems like a lot, smokers! But they have their reasons:

  • 38% want to increase productivity
  • 36% just want to pass the time
  • 29% need to cope with the job itself
  • 22% need to cope with their coworkers
  • 21% admit their job needs little focus

A surprising 60% of users said that the drug didn’t affect their productivity.  A full 23% said they became more productive. Beating the slacker stereotype, only 17% said pot at work made them less productive.

Perhaps that’s why there hasn’t been a slowdown in our nation’s restaurants, hotels, and kitchens. The hospitality industry was the biggest culprit of on-site pot consumption by far, at 35%. A rundown of the highest, well, industries that are getting high:

  • Hotel, food, and hospitality: 35%
  • Construction: 32%
  • Arts, entertainment, and recreation: 25%
  • Telecommunications: 24%
  • Marketing and advertising: 19%
  • Legal: 19%

New technology means that cannabis lovers won’t find themselves swirled in an incriminating cloud of smoke while getting lifted on their break: 36% of people use a vape-style pen to consume THC, and 17% use edibles.

Showing true dedication, a full 8% admitted that they were high while taking the survey itself.

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