On obstacles, ‘the process’ and pivot points

On obstacles

Is there a professional challenge you’ve avoided because you don’t want to deal with it, push through it or figure it out?

I know how you feel but …

Now is the time.

Go straight after the work that stresses you out or maybe even freaks you out. Dive in and don’t look back.

Why? The biggest results — and the best feeling — await you on the other side of the obstacle.

Don’t put “it” off another day. You know what “it” is. And I know you can make it happen.

On ‘the process’

One lesson I continue to learn out here in the “real world” …

It’s important to work efficiently, but I can’t rush “the process.”

By “the process,” I mean the rate at which events unfold, relationships mature and projects come to fruition. Life has a pace we can’t control. And often, the best stuff takes months or years to bloom.

My takeaway? Work hard every day but also allow “the process” to run its course.

When it’s time, you’ll know.

On pivot points

One of the most important words in business — and it comes straight out of the School of Hard Knocks — is pivot.

“Pivot”, in this case, is when you change direction or see a new path ahead based on repeated trial and error.

Pivot moments are rare but when they happen … BOOM. The fresh thinking and a smarter approach could pay dividends for your career.

Take chances, put yourself out there and watch what the market tells you. There’s a signal in all the noise, and if you listen closely you’ll find it.

This article was originally published on DannyRubin.com.