Olympic Tips for the Job Search

Take a cue from our Olympic athletes to propel your job search to the next level. 

The Olympics are fully underway now and the enthusiasm is contagious. You can’t help but be inspired by these athletes who’ve dedicated their lives to their sports and overcome all sorts of obstacles to get to this moment in their careers.

As job seekers, we’re also working to reach certain goals in our careers. Here are a few tips that apply to the job search.

1. Go for gold 

Many athletes train their entire lives with one goal in mind: to compete in the Olympics. However, you don’t become an Olympian overnight. These athletes train for years and compete in various tournaments to work their way into the upper echelons of their sport. They set smaller, incremental goals that will put them on the right path to the Olympics.

The same can be said about your job search. Finding a job is a job all in itself. It requires dedication, patience and a whole lot of work. As a job seeker, it’s important to take a moment at the beginning of your search to determine your career objectives. Write down your goals and post them near your computer so you can’t forget them. When you’re feeling down about the job search, go back to those goals to remember what you’re working towards. Remember that each application, networking event and interview is a step closer to your goal. And depending on your goals, there may be a job or two you take along the way to help prepare you for your ultimate career.

2. Cross train

Cross training is an important part of every athlete’s regimen, including our Olympians. It has been known to improve performance, increase power, build stability and increase motivation. In short, utilizing different training methods and exercises makes the athlete more effective.

As a job seeker, you should utilize multiple channels when pursuing job leads. These include: applying to jobs directly, networking with those in your professional and social circles, and working with recruiters. By using all of these channels, you’ll increase the number of published and unpublished opportunities available for you to pursue.

3. Utilize experts

The wise athlete surrounds him or herself with a team of experts to help reach his or her fullest potential. Trainers and coaches with expertise in body conditioning and sports strategy are brought in to help the athlete overcome weaknesses and play up strengths in order to be the best competitor possible.

The same strategy should be applied to those entering into the job hunt. No one expects you to be an expert in job search – frankly, you don’t look for jobs often enough to ever become great. Not to mention, it’s hard to be objective about your own resume and job goals. That’s the beauty of hiring experts – you receive professional, unbiased advice and support. And we’ve found that you’re 40% more likely to land the job you want when you have a professionally written resume.

While all job seekers may not be gold medalists, we can still learn from an Olympian’s perseverance. Keep your eye on the prize and remember to utilize these tips as you face your fiercest competition and the toughest Hiring Managers.