Can a resume be 2 pages?

New research says 2-page resumes are actually preferred by recruiters

Yes, your resume can be two pages, new research from ResumeGo finds. The resume-writing service presented one- and two-page resumes to 482 job recruiters, hiring managers, human resource professionals, and executives and found that they were more than twice as likely to pick the two-page resume in a simulated hiring process.

Two-page resumes are twice as likely to get chosen

Out of the 7,712 resumes that participants preferred in the hiring process, 5,375 of the resumes were two pages long. The preference increased the higher your position you were applying for: two-page resumes were 1.4 times more likely to get picked with entry-level jobs and 2.9 times more likely to get picked with managerial roles.

Recruiters actually will take the time to get to the second page. The hiring group also spent twice as much time reading longer resumes, spending about four minutes on two-page resumes, compared with about two minutes on one-page resumes. “It’s possible that this preference is unbeknownst to the recruiters themselves, who may be unaware of their own tendency of favoring longer resumes,” ResumeGo said in a statement.

Before you set off to rewrite your resume, consider if you actually need the second page, however. Ask a Manager’s Alison Green said that people who are starting their careers do not need to spread their limited experience to multiple pages: “

Our resumes are the first impression of ourselves that we send out to a company. Entire industries are built around helping professionals tweak and adjust their list of qualifications to their maximum potential. This survey’s findings are a reminder that you do not need to stuff your qualifications into one page if you merit a longer story.

In short, not only can your resume be two pages long, it may actually help you in the long run.